Press news

03 Jun 2024 Nearly 20 million Polish residents in range of Plus' super-fast fixed-line internet
22 May 2024 Cyfrowy Polsat Group sums up its performance in Q1 2024
27 Mar 2024 Expanding Plus' ultrafast mobile and fiber Internet coverage
20 Mar 2024 Polsat Plus Group's hydrogen cars have driven their first million kilometers
18 Mar 2024 26 NesoBus hydrogen buses from Polsat Plus Group and ZE PAK will run in Chelm
16 Jan 2024 Changes in the management of Telewizja Polsat
30 Nov 2023 More than 5 million people within range of 5G Ultra
23 Nov 2023 Canal+ Polska Group channels in the Polsat Media offer
08 Nov 2023 Polsat Plus Group sums up its performance in Q3 2023 – partnership with Google Cloud, first in Poland hydrogen refueling stations and 5G Ultra service offering data speeds of up to 1 Gbps
30 Oct 2023 The first in Silesia hydrogen refueling station has been launched in Rybnik under NESO brand
26 Oct 2023 Google Cloud and Polsat Plus Group announce strategic partnership
17 Aug 2023 Super attractive promotion from Polsat Box - up to 12 months of TV free at the start
17 Aug 2023 Unique bundled offer from Polsat Box and Plus. Polsat Box TV with Disney+ and Plus fiber combined for only PLN 19/month for the first year
16 Aug 2023 Polsat Plus Group sums up its performance in Q2 2023 – 5G Ultra solution offering data transfer rates of up to 1 Gbps, new broadcasting rights to sports events, wind farm tests
16 Aug 2023 New streaming package Start in Polsat Box Go now for PLN 30 for the whole year, or only PLN 2.5 per month. Polsat Go service is ending its operations
16 Aug 2023 Plus expands 5G Ultra coverage
21 Jul 2023 Polsat Plus Group is taking over the website and 4FUN channels
20 Jul 2023 Termination of cooperation between Cyfrowy Polsat and Moody's Investors Service
12 Jun 2023 5G Ultra from Plus – mobile Internet access which is as fast as a fiber-optic connection – 1 Gbps
25 May 2023 Polsat Sport to show the CEV Champions League and European volleyball cup matches till 2029
28 Apr 2023 Credit facilities agreement between Polsat Plus Group and a consortium of financial institutions
27 Mar 2023 Polsat Plus Group has nothing to do with the investment into Sense Bank
17 Mar 2023 More than 20 million people in Poland live within the coverage area of Plus’s 5G network
07 Mar 2023 New offers from Plus for families and companies. Plus activates 5G for all customers
21 Dec 2022 Largest issuance of private company corporate bonds in Polish zloty
15 Nov 2022 Polsat Plus Group sums up its results for Q1 2022: offers featuring Disney+, adding to the Group and NesoBus testing
26 Sep 2022 joins Polsat Plus Group
14 Sep 2022 Polsat Plus Group named Company of the Year at the Economic Forum in Karpacz
14 Jul 2022 New terrestrial television offer at Polsat Box
10 Jun 2022 Disney+ in the offers of Polsat Box, Plus, Netia and Polsat Box Go. Without any charges for even as long as two years
30 May 2022 NesoBus – premiere of a Polish hydrogen-powered bus
24 Mar 2022 ZE PAK and Ørsted jointly apply for locations for farms in the Baltic Sea
28 Feb 2022 Polsat Plus Group and Polsat Foundation join forces to help children from the Ukraine – 5 mln PLN donated as part of “Polsat Foundation for the Children from Ukraine” action
26 Jan 2022 ELEVEN SPORTS Poland secures DFB-Pokal German Cup. ELEVEN SPORTS Poland secures DFB-Pokal German Cup
20 Dec 2021 Strategy 2023+ of Polsat Plus Group
28 Sep 2021 Announcement of the tender offer to subscribe for the sale of shares in Cyfrowy Polsat S.A.
27 Sep 2021 Statement of Mr. Zygmunt Solorz regarding Polsat Plus Group
17 Aug 2021 More than 15 million people within the coverage of the best and the fastest 5G network operated by Plus
29 Jul 2021 Choose everything for yourself – Polsat Plus Group starts changing its brands Cyfrowy Polsat will evolve into a new Polsat Box brand
09 Jul 2021 Sale of Polkomtel Infrastruktura to Cellnex Telecom has been finalized
29 Jun 2021 ELEVEN SPORTS renews Serie A TIM rights for three more years
23 Jun 2021 Invitation to submit offers for the sale of shares of Netia S.A.
10 Jun 2021 Plus and Polsat are changing logotypes
28 May 2021 Polsat Group intends to take full control over Polish MVNO Premium Mobile
22 Apr 2021 12 million inhabitants of Poland within the coverage of Plus’s 5G network
07 Apr 2021 Interia’s record performance
25 Mar 2021 Polsat Group sums up 2020. Dynamic 5G network roll-out, acquisition and quick integration of Group and more than PLN 50 million for supporting the struggle against the pandemics
26 Feb 2021 Polsat Group intends to enter a long-term partnership with Cellnex Telecom in order to accelerate deployment of 5G technology in Poland
05 Feb 2021 Interia with over 20 million users in January 2021
28 Jan 2021 LaLiga Santander to be broadcast on ELEVEN SPORTS and CANAL+ for the next five years
05 Jan 2021 Plus extends 5G coverage. Over 7 million of Poles within the 5G network coverage
10 Nov 2020 Cyfrowy Polsat Group sums up its performance in Q3 2020
09 Nov 2020 Plus is building a nationwide 5G network in Poland
02 Nov 2020 Cyfrowy Polsat and Polkomtel have selected further advisors in the process of review of various strategic options regarding the potential sale of the telecommunication infrastructure
08 Oct 2020 Polsat’s and Interia’s sports desks join forces
05 Oct 2020 Plus leads in mobile number portability in the third quarter of 2020
08 Sep 2020 A completely new television offer of Cyfrowy Polsat. Freedom of choice – simple and flexible packages, state-of-the art set-top boxes and features which allow for watching TV on your own terms
27 Aug 2020 Cyfrowy Polsat Group sums up Q2 2020. Excellent operating results, finalization of the acquisition of, 5G network roll-out, launch of the offer of solar panels under the ESOLEO brand
21 Jul 2020 Polsat Group enters the photovoltaic market – select ESOLEO installation and pay less for electricity
11 Jul 2020 30 million zloty donated by Zygmunt Solorz and Polsat Group to fight the coronavirus pandemics
14 May 2020 Cyfrowy Polsat Group sums up Q1 2020 – providing aid in the fight against the coronavirus, launch of the commercial 5G network and acquisition of Interia Group
08 May 2020 Plus launches the first and only commercial 5G network in Poland
08 May 2020 Polsat Group in the fight against the coronavirus
30 Apr 2020 200 000 coronavirus tests donated to Polish citizens by Zygmunt Solorz and Polsat Group
30 Apr 2020 Polsat Group acquires Interia
27 Mar 2020 Free 10 GB for all customers of Plus and Plush under the #zostańwdomu (#stayhome) action
27 Mar 2020 Polsat Group donates 2 thousand connected tablets to orphanages and family-run orphanages as well as to foster families and educational care facilities
19 Mar 2020 New bonuses from Plus network and Cyfrowy Polsat within the # zostanwdomu stayathome action
18 Mar 2020 Cyfrowy Polsat’s actions with regard to the Coronavirus COVID-19 situation
13 Mar 2020 Plus network infrastructure is ready for the growing voice and Internet traffic
12 Mar 2020 Polsat Group sums up 2019 – 2 million customers of multiplay offer, new services, strategic cooperation with Asseco and construction of 5G network
31 Jan 2020 Polsat Group to raise PLN 1 billion for refinancing the pro-ecological projects. Success of the first in Poland corporate green bonds issue
03 Jan 2020 Plus starts rolling out a commercial 5G network
18 Dec 2019 Cyfrowy Polsat announces an intent to acquire up to 18.221.000 shares in Asseco Poland – the largest Polish IT company. Development of cooperation between the Polish economy leaders is planned
07 Nov 2019 Summary of Q3 2019 results of Cyfrowy Polsat Group
25 Oct 2019 Discovery and Cyfrowy Polsat strike an agreement to launch a new international streaming platform. The new OTT service will give more flexibility to viewers and increase access to Polish content
20 Sep 2019 Polsat Group commences tests of HbbTV as an element of DVB-T
29 Aug 2019 Polsat Group sums up its Q2’19 results: 1.9 million customers of multiplay services, a new Polish Premiership package and OTT web TV available via any provider’s Internet connection
15 Jul 2019 The real revolution in Cyfrowy Polsat! OTT Television with a new EVOBOX STREAM set-top-box – with Internet access from any service provider and flexible selection of packages – without long-term commitments!
12 Jul 2019 PKO Ekstraklasa in Cyfrowy Polsat – all matches shown by the biggest Polish satellite TV platform
14 May 2019 Summary of Q1 2019 results of Cyfrowy Polsat Group: over 500 thousand contract services more, EBITDA exceeding PLN 1 billion, launch of new offers, including fiber-optic Internet access and IPTV cable TV
02 Apr 2019 Plus and Cyfrowy Polsat are the most Internet-intensive companies in Poland! EXABYTE of data transferred in 2018! Over 73% of Poland’s inhabitants live within the coverage area of LTE Plus Advanced service, while 99% have access to LTE technology
25 Mar 2019 Novelty in Cyfrowy Polsat! Cable IPTV and a new EVOBOX IP set-top box! Over 150 channels, flexible use of content, service packages starting from PLN 20
21 Mar 2019 Cyfrowy Polsat Group sums up 2018: acquisition of Netia, stronger position in premium sport content, consistent implementation of multiplay strategy and nearly PLN 10.7 billion in revenue
17 Jan 2019 Stronger ownership supervision and management functions in Zygmunt Solorz’s Group
21 Dec 2018 Cyfrowy Polsat Group is implementing LTE TDD in the 2600 MHz frequency band
08 Nov 2018 Cyfrowy Polsat Group sums up its results for Q3: over 14 million contract services, churn rate at a record low level and very good sales results of Polsat Sport Premium channels featuring UEFA Champions League matches
15 Oct 2018 Polsat Rodzina – a new thematic channel of Polsat Group takes off already on October 16
09 Oct 2018 Polsat Games takes off on October 15
02 Oct 2018 The new studio of Polsat’s ”Wydarzenia” (The News) and Polsat News has taken off
23 Aug 2018 Cyfrowy Polsat Group sums up its results for Q2 2018. Half a million new contract services and a 20 percent growth of the number of multiplay customers. Strategic acquisitions and launch of sale of offers featuring access to UEFA Champions League
03 Jul 2018 UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League in IPLA. All best club football matches shown live
02 Jul 2018 Championship thrills for the price of monthly access fee! Enjoy UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League matches in special promotions offered by Plus!
02 Jul 2018 UEFA Champions League in Cyfrowy Polsat’s offer. Best of European club football included in the monthly fee
21 Jun 2018 Over 600 Mbps in LTE Plus Advanced network! Tests with the use of state-of-the-art smartphones and Nokia AirScale platform. Aggregation of 55 MHz of spectrum in four frequency bands along with 256 QAM modulation and MIMO 4x4 technology
04 Jun 2018 Netia’s services offered in the sales network of Cyfrowy Polsat and Plus. Netia’s services offered with smartDOM loyalty scheme discounts to Cyfrowy Polsat and Plus customers!
24 May 2018 Eleven Sports and Polsat commence strategic partnership in Poland. Polsat becomes a shareholder in ELEVEN SPORTS Poland
10 May 2018 Cyfrowy Polsat Group sums up Q1 2018: more contract services and more customers using bundled services
26 Apr 2018 New sports channels and services of Polsat Television. Starting from 2018/2019 season, all UEFA Champions League Matches broadcast live for the first time in Poland
22 Mar 2018 Cyfrowy Polsat Group sums up the 2017 results: over 1.5 million customers using multiplay services and new acquisitions which expand the Group’s operations on media and telecommunication markets
21 Feb 2018 The new IPLA. Modern graphical layout, new functions as well as new channels and HBO content!
14 Feb 2018 A new TV offer in Cyfrowy Polsat – even for 6 months for free
09 Feb 2018 SmartDOM Home Savings Program for everyone and with every subscription
19 Jan 2018 Plus and Cyfrowy Polsat introduce the Home Internet 300 Set The new set supports LTE-Advanced technology and offers data transfer rates of up to 300 Mbps
04 Dec 2017 Planned strategic investment of Grupa Cyfrowy Polsat – acquisition of a block of shares in Netia. New services, new market and boost to implementation of a convergent operator strategy
04 Dec 2017 Polsat Group to boost its TV segment. Telewizja Polsat with new channels from ZPR Media Group
17 Nov 2017 Free Wi-Fi at Copernicus Science Center (CNK)
09 Nov 2017 Cyfrowy Polsat sums up Q3 2017 Half a million new contract services and a quarter of the customer base using multiplay offer
25 Oct 2017 More, faster and in a more stable way! LTE Internet of Plus and Cyfrowy Polsat accelerates to nearly 500 Mb/s!
06 Sep 2017 Cyfrowy Polsat Group scales up at Eutelsat’s HOTBIRD position
24 Aug 2017 Cyfrowy Polsat sums up Q2 2017. Further growth of contract services, growth of revenue and profitability.
18 Jul 2017 The World Games 2017 on Polsat Group channels
26 Jun 2017 All Champions League and Europa League matches to be shown in w Cyfrowy Polsat
26 Jun 2017 All Champions League and Europa League matches to be shown in w Cyfrowy Polsat
11 May 2017 Cyfrowy Polsat sums up its results for Q1 2017. The Group recorded an increase in the number of contract services, as well as revenue and EBITDA
16 Mar 2017 Cyfrowy Polsat Group sums up 2016: dynamically growing base of services and very good financial results
01 Mar 2017 TV Polsat is the viewership leader in February in the 4+ group
28 Feb 2017 Plus commences the sale of gas
14 Feb 2017 Get to know the new smartDOM Home Savings Scheme
10 Feb 2017 Polsat Doku starts on February 10
19 Jan 2017 Over 15 million Poles can enjoy LTE Plus Advanced Internet Access Service
11 Jan 2017 ”Safe Winter with GOPR mountain rescue units”
02 Jan 2017 Polsat TV is the winner in 2016
27 Dec 2016 POLSAT had unmatched proposal for Christmas Eve and Christmas. ”Great Carol Singing with Polsat – Warsaw 2016” and “Home Alone” were the leading items in the Christmas Eve schedule
14 Dec 2016 Several hundred radio stations and “preview” – new functions of the EVOBOX PVR set-top box
02 Dec 2016 Polsat is the viewership leader in both audience groups after 11 months of 2016
09 Nov 2016 Effective implementation of the multiplay strategy – over 13 million services provided in the contract model. Polsat Group presents very good results for Q3 2016
07 Oct 2016 Cyfrowy Polsat receives an award for the best STB and the best multimedia service
05 Oct 2016 Software for EVOBOX PVR set-top box received prestigious awards during the IBC 2016 fair
13 Sep 2016 Big European football until 2022 only in TV Polsat TV
01 Sep 2016 Next stage of the development of smartDOM Program
26 Aug 2016 Jesień 2016 w Telewizji POLSAT
25 Aug 2016 One out of every five customers is a smartDOM Program member – Cyfrowy Polsat Group effectively implements its strategy in Q2 2016
25 Aug 2016 Tomasz Szeląg moves to a stronger position in Zygmunt Solorz‐Żak’s Capital Group
23 Aug 2016 LTE Plus Advanced – a new standard of mobile Internet in Poland
17 Aug 2016 JA+ Ubezpieczenia (I + Insurance) - a special insurance offer for the customers of Plus and Cyfrowy Polsat
27 Jul 2016 “Lawyer” service in the Plus offer for business clients
27 Jul 2016 Fierce fight in the new Polsat Sport Fight HD channel
19 Jul 2016 Polsat Group will implement new, integrated IT environment
04 Jul 2016 Polsat TV was the most frequently watched TV station in June and in Q2 2016 in both audience groups. Polsat as the viewership leader in the commercial viewer group in H1 2016
18 May 2016 Plush na Kartę (prepaid offer) – the cheapest prepaid offer on the market for customers porting their numbers!
12 May 2016 Cyfrowy Polsat sums up Q1 2016. Effective implementation of smartDOM strategy and fast growth of contract services
11 May 2016 Polsat Group plans to invest into cinema production and distribution. The Company launches a program for filmmakers and starts the cooperation with the Polish Film Institute
10 May 2016 24 matches broadcast live in Polsat. All 51 matches broadcast live, without commercials, only on premium channels Polsat Sport 2 and Polsat Sport 3
29 Apr 2016 Cyfrowy Polsat Group awarded in the “Eagles” competiton of Rzeczpospolita daily
22 Apr 2016 New prepaid offer from Plush
23 Mar 2016 Tomasz Szeląg promoted in Zygmunt Solorz‐Żak’s Group
15 Mar 2016 New Dimension of TV Entertainment Offered by Cyfrowy Polsat. Launch of Cyfrowy Polsat GO service.
29 Feb 2016 Cyfrowy Polsat summarizes the year 2015 Over one million customers of the smartDOM program Nearly 97% of Poles within the LTE coverage
29 Feb 2016 Cyfrowy Polsat Group acquires Midas Group
26 Feb 2016 Polkomtel is rolling out the first in Poland LTE-Advanced network, offering data transfer rates of up to 300 Mbps
29 Jan 2016 Cyfrowy Polsat Group completed refinancing its current indebtedness
27 Jan 2016 Plus with the fastest Internet According to the mobile services
20 Jan 2016 Over 5.8 million viewers watched Poland’s handball team play against France in Polsat and Polsat Sport channels
18 Jan 2016 Both matches played by Poles during the 2016 EHF European Handball Championship, against Serbia and Macedonia, were watched by 5.3 million viewers
15 Jan 2016 Polsat Sport and IPLA content distributed via Onet-RASP Group services
15 Jan 2016 New EVOBOX PVR set-top box manufactured by Cyfrowy Polsat
11 Jan 2016 All matches of the Men’s European Handball Championship on Polsat sports channels
04 Jan 2016 2015 was definitely the year of Telewizja Polsat
28 Dec 2015 Decision regarding investments in further network development
17 Dec 2015 Polsat 1 – launch of a channel addressed to Poles living abroad
10 Dec 2015 Cyfrowy Polsat and Plus’s new media house
07 Dec 2015 7.2 million viewers of the 12th St. Nicholas’ Day Commercial Block
01 Dec 2015 FreeWiFi from Plus in public transport buses in Warsaw
20 Nov 2015 IPLA - most popular mobile VOD application in Poland!
20 Nov 2015 St. Nicholas Day Commercial Block – helping children for the 12th time
12 Nov 2015 Very good financial results of Cyfrowy Polsat Group in Q3 of 2015
02 Nov 2015 Polsat – an absolute leader in October 2015
30 Oct 2015 TV Polsat named the Broadcaster of the Year according to "Media & Marketing Polska"
19 Oct 2015 Channels of Telewizja Polsat on MUX 8 planned as fully adjusted for people with seeing and hearing disabilities
13 Oct 2015 Prestigious Effie Award for the smartDOM program
09 Oct 2015 smartCOMPANY 2 – even more benefits for your business
22 Sep 2015 Cyfrowy Polsat Group is refinancing its current indebtedness
14 Sep 2015 Ja+Zdrowie available from Plus
11 Sep 2015 Cyfrowy Polsat one of the best managed companies in Central and Eastern Europe
03 Sep 2015 Cyfrowy Polsat and ADB enter into cooperation in order to develop state-of-the-art TV solutions for their customers
03 Sep 2015 HBO GO in Plus
02 Sep 2015 LTE in Cyfrowy Polsat without data limit and with the maximum speed at the price of the subscription fee
02 Sep 2015 JA+ Master LTE without data limit and with maximum speed
01 Sep 2015 Polsat – the viewership leader during the summer months
31 Aug 2015 Telewizja Polsat opens a new production center
26 Aug 2015 Wind Mobile will provide Plus with a new generation voice mail
26 Aug 2015 – new information portal on the Polish media market
26 Aug 2015 Effective strategy implementation by Cyfrowy Polsat Group in Q2 2015
03 Aug 2015 Polsat Group best in July
28 Jul 2015 Download data transfer rates of up to 450 Mbps in LTE Advanced tests
21 Jul 2015 Cyfrowy Polsat diversifies its sources of financing: corporate bond issue worth 1 billion zloty
14 Jul 2015 Convenient payments for Plus customers
07 Jul 2015 June was the best month in the history Channel 6 in terms of market share
06 Jul 2015 Record weekend for Polsat’s sports channels. Nearly 2 million viewers of Poland – USA volleyball match in the World League
01 Jul 2015 Polsat Sport – the absolute leader among sports TV’s in H1 2015
25 Jun 2015 Over 200 hours of Wimbledon coverage only on Polsat’s sports channels
25 Jun 2015 IPLA for people with hearing impairment
23 Jun 2015 Record high weekly viewership results of Polsat’s sports channels
16 Jun 2015 Cyfrowy Polsat switches to modern MPEG-4 compression system
09 Jun 2015 First League in football on Polsat’s sports channels
01 Jun 2015 Polsat on the top with a winning spring schedule
29 May 2015 Plus promotes active and safe leisure together with lifeguards and mountain rescuers
19 May 2015 New release of the smartDOM program
18 May 2015 I + new possibilities!
14 May 2015 A promising start of the year for Cyfrowy Polsat Group
04 May 2015 Polsat - viewership leader in April in both viewer groups
04 May 2015 Cyfrowy Polsat’s and Polkomtel’s ratings placed on Standard&Poor’s CreditWatch Positive
24 Apr 2015 Plus - a trusted energy seller
21 Apr 2015 Cyfrowy Polsat Group contemplates refinancing its current debt
08 Apr 2015 HD Voice from Plus available throughout Poland
02 Apr 2015 Teleaudio Dwa and InterPhone Service join Cyfrowy Polsat Group
01 Apr 2015 Polsat the leader in the commercial group 16-49 in the first quarter of 2015, very good results of Polsat Group
26 Mar 2015 Cyfrowy Polsat receives an award for the Best Investor Relations in the 2014 Listed Company of the Year ranking
24 Mar 2015 Plus and Cyfrowy Polsat: Over 90% of Poland’s population lives within the coverage footprint of the superfast LTE Internet access service
10 Mar 2015 Polkomtel will not participate in further bidding for 800 MHz spectrum blocks - statement
09 Mar 2015 Successful start of spring of 2015 – Polsat’s entertainment programs are among most often watched shows of the weekend!
05 Mar 2015 European Games – new big event on Polsat’s sports channels
04 Mar 2015 Cyfrowy Polsat Capital Group in 2014 – successful integrated offer and very good financial performance
20 Feb 2015 Plus and Cyfrowy Polsat receive three “Golden Bell” awards at the 2014 Mobility Trends Gala
16 Feb 2015 European Volleyball Championship in 2015 and 2017 in Polsat TV
16 Feb 2015 Change your home Internet to Plus!
26 Jan 2015 Switch your electricity over to Plus!
20 Jan 2015 Two seasons of World Rally Championship (WRC) on Polsat Sport Extra
08 Jan 2015 Polsat Sport – the best sports channel in 2014
22 Dec 2014 Plus introduced HD Voice and is working on VoLTE
04 Dec 2014 PlusLiga and Orlen Liga on Polsat sports channels for the next 5 years
13 Nov 2014 Cyfrowy Polsat Group: strong operating and financial performance in Q3 2014
06 Nov 2014 Plus conducted tests of LTE-Advanced with the speed of 300 Mb/s
17 Oct 2014 Telewizja Polsat buys
17 Oct 2014 ‘Fixed-line Mobile’ available in the smartDOM program
16 Oct 2014 Statement of Polkomtel Sp. z o.o. regarding the auction for the reservation of frequency in 800 MHz and 2600 MHz bands
13 Oct 2014 Cyfrowy Polsat’s new HD 5500s satellite set-top box
03 Oct 2014 Polsat News nominated to Eutelsat TV Awards 2014
30 Sep 2014 Special SmartDOM scheme now available to new Plus and Cyfrowy Polsat subscribers
02 Sep 2014 Watch FIVB Volleyball Men’s World Championship Poland 2014 matches from a number of different angles at IPLA
28 Aug 2014 The Cyfrowy Polsat Group: excellent operating and financial performance in Q2 2014
26 Aug 2014 Cyfrowy Polsat: unlimited Internet Power LTE from PLN 29.90
31 Jul 2014 All Polsat Group clients will see the 2014 Men’s Volleyball World Championships in Poland free of any additional charges
14 Jul 2014 smartDOM offers new benefits: cheaper electricity from Plus for PlusBank clients
02 Jun 2014 Plus and Cyfrowy Polsat introduce LTE without limits
29 May 2014 New IPLA content, packages and channels on iOS powered devices
16 May 2014 IPLA – more television channel, new packages and free testing!
15 May 2014 Cyfrowy Polsat and Plus present results for the first quarter
13 May 2014 Program smartDOM with a special offer only for Plus and Cyfrowy Polsat subscribers
08 May 2014 Plus joins Polsat Group. Cyfrowy Polsat closes the transaction of acquisition of Metelem
23 Apr 2014 New Multiroom HD from Cyfrowy Polsat – one package for up to 4 TV sets!
16 Apr 2014 Qumak S.A. constructed a Mobile Switching Centre and Data Center facility for Polkomtel and Cyfrowy Polsat
11 Apr 2014 Cyfrowy Polsat signed a facility agreement enabling the refinancing of debt
07 Apr 2014 Initiation of phase two of Plus and Cyfrowy Polsat’s program smartDOM – benefits for PlusBank services
28 Mar 2014 New Internet Customer Service Center at Cyfrowy Polsat
26 Mar 2014 New technological solutions!
14 Mar 2014 Another season of Formula 1 on Polsat group’s TV channels
27 Feb 2014 Cyfrowy Polsat: highest results of the Group in history
20 Feb 2014 Cyfrowy Polsat lowers the price on the TV package with premium channels
13 Feb 2014 smartDOM – saving through adding
22 Jan 2014 Plus and Cyfrowy Polsat: LTE technology leaders. Almost 26 million Poles within the coverage of our superfast Internet
15 Jan 2014 Innovational set for Home LTE Internet on from Cyfrowy Polsat and Plus network
12 Dec 2013 Top European Football, matches of the Polish representation for 4 years only in Cyfrowy Polsat and Telewizja Polsat
04 Dec 2013 2 million downloads and paid films and series in the IPLA application for Android
04 Dec 2013 Cyfrowy Polsat wins the Pearl of the Polish Economy award again
19 Nov 2013 Cyfrowy Polsat to replace DVB‐Ts with satellite set‐top boxes
14 Nov 2013 Statement of the Management Board of Cyfrowy Polsat concerning acquisition of Metelem Holding Company Limited shares
04 Oct 2013 IPLA with SAT Kurier Award
10 Sep 2013 Cyfrowy Polsat repays another PLN 100 million of the loan
30 Aug 2013 Polsat Group: Finalization of the purchase of PolskieMedia and sale of RS TV
28 Jun 2013 Cyfrowy Polsat prepays PLN 100 million of the term loan
11 Jun 2013 Cyfrowy Polsat’s special offers in relation to further swich-offs of analog TV
03 Jun 2013 New PVR HD 7000 set-top-box produced by Cyfrowy Polsat
28 May 2013 Cyfrowy Polsat introduces changes to its brand communication
09 May 2013 IPLA – number 1 among VOD services
24 Apr 2013 Cyfrowy Polsat wins Orzeł Rzeczpospolitej award
22 Apr 2013 Must be the Music rated best weekend talent show for the sixth time this spring
20 Mar 2013 ‘Virtual Telephones’ for Cyfrowy Polsat
18 Mar 2013 ‘Must be the Music’ is the best talent show this spring
14 Mar 2013 Best daily audience share ever
13 Mar 2013 Cyfrowy Polsat returns to the top three for ‘Listed Company of the Year’
12 Mar 2013 Another prosperous year for Cyfrowy Polsat
05 Mar 2013 More than 4 million viewers for MegaHit ‘Avatar’
28 Feb 2013 Three new channels under ‘’Polsat’’ brand
07 Feb 2013 Every second Pole within the reach of Cyfrowy Polsat’s LTE Internet
24 Jan 2013 Cyfrowy Polsat awarded for the development of LTE internet