Statement of Mr. Zygmunt Solorz regarding Polsat Plus Group

27 Sep 2021

Ever since the beginning of my business career I have been implementing – step by step and phase by phase – a business strategy designed to successively grow the companies in which I hold majority stakes.

At the beginning there was one TV channel and Telewizja Polsat. Then there was the digital platform Cyfrowy Polsat, later joined by Polkomtel and the Plus network, and in recent years also by Netia and Interia.

Following this path, together we have built the largest media and telecommunications group in Poland, which is essentially complete with respect to its asset structure and fully prepared to effectively operate on the media and telecommunications markets in the future. The most recent development in the area of telecommunications – the partnership with Cellnex Telecom aimed at the fastest possible and cost-effective 5G roll-out in Poland – allows me to conclude that the vision I had assumed is being realized successfully and is yielding the planned and desired effects.

The execution of the strategy of Polsat Plus Group as well as the operating and financial results it achieves constitute a fulfillment of the obligation towards shareholders, who decided to invest in Cyfrowy Polsat in 2008. I would only like to add that since the debut of our Group on the Warsaw Stock Exchange the price of our shares has tripled and the capitalization of the Group has increased six-fold. What is more, over this period of time shareholders of the Group received a total of PLN 2.7 billion in dividends.

At present we are at a very important point in time for Polsat Plus Group. Our customers are facing new challenges and new challenges always create new opportunities. I will encourage the Group to pick up the glove and respond to these challenges by opening up to new areas of business. Furthermore, I wish to declare that my vision of the Group’s future development is aimed solely at further strengthening its position and building value for its shareholders in the years to come. I would like to emphasize that operations on the media and telecommunications markets – for which, as mentioned before, the Group is fully prepared - will remain crucial and the key focus of the Group.

I realize that - given the challenges that we want to embark on - part of the current shareholders may not intend to remain investors of the Group. It can be assumed that they may wish to exit their investment as the Group has reached a certain stage of development, no longer seeing themselves as shareholders of the Group as it extends its operations into new areas. Hence, my proposal which enables the sale of shares at a fair price that we have built together until now.

However, I personally believe in Polsat Plus Group and its future and I would like to invite all interested parties to participate with me, as shareholders, in building the future of Polsat Plus Group. I declare that I will act with full commitment and continue to build the value of the Group in the interest of all stakeholders, as I have done so far for the past 30 years.

Zygmunt Solorz

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