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Cookies policy

The cookies policy of Cyfrowy Polsat has been prepared in line with the requirements under
the amended Telecommunications Law which came into force on March 22nd 2013. Similar requirements are observed across Europe in connection with the implementation of the relevant EU directive

This cookies policy applies to services provided through Cyfrowy Polsat's websites on all platforms and devices. The types of cookies collected may vary between operating systems or platforms,
as explained in detail below.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files which are transmitted by the websites and applications you use
and stored by web browsers and other technologies found in personal computers. Cookies allow us to deliver the highest service quality within our business model, enhancing user experience. Such files identify you when you visit or re-visit our websites in order to support certain functionalities, such as logging in, or deliver personalised information. Cookies used by the Cyfrowy Polsat websites are safe and pose no threats to user devices. The cookies store only data collected and accessible by a specific website or application, which means they do not store any data relating to third-party websites or applications.

Managing cookies

You can manage the cookies on the website using your browser settings (Internet Explorer users can disable cookies by clicking TOOLS – INTERNET OPTIONS – PRIVACY – BLOCK ALL COOKIES. Firefox users can modify the relevant settings by going to TOOLS – OPTIONS – PRIVACY). Such changes will not affect the cookies already stored on the computer. These can be removed by means of relevant browser settings. Users have full control over the cookies used. If cookies are disabled, though, you may not be able to access Cyfrowy Polsat web services or your access may be limited, as cookies are necessary to deliver our services within the adopted business model. You will not be able to access Cyfrowy Polsat websites from a computer, a mobile device or a different platform if cookies have been disabled.

What kinds of cookies does Cyfrowy Polsat use?

Cyfrowy Polsat uses three types of cookies: session cookies, persistent cookies and third-party cookies.

Session cookies

Session cookies are essential files enabling you to navigate within a website or application and use its key functionalities. They are only stored for the duration of a single visit to a website (user session). Session cookies have the following functions:

  • Identifying users that have logged into the website,
  • Ensuring connection to an appropriate website service when making any changes to
    the website.

Persistent cookies

Persistent cookies enable certain functions not only within a single session, but for as long as they are stored on your computer. They relate to a website's performance and functionalities. Performance cookies track your use of the website, including information about the pages you visit and possible errors. Functionality cookies facilitate the provision of services and store your settings for a better user experience. Persistent cookies do not gather any information which could make you personally identifiable – they are processed as anonymous data and serve exclusively to improve
the performance of a website or application, track visitors' interests, and monitor the effectiveness of advertising. Persistent cookies have the following functions:

  • Recording statistical data about your use of our website and application,
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of our advertising,
  • Improving the performance of our website by gathering information about errors,
  • Testing various website designs,
  • Remembering user preferences regarding website layout, text size and colours,
  • Remembering previous answers to questionnaire prompts (so as not to bother you in future),
  • Showing users as logged into our website,
  • Exchanging information with third parties providing services on our website. Such information is only used to deliver specific services, products and functionalities, and for no other purposes.

Third-party cookies

Third-party cookies, placed on our website by partner companies or websites, include files designed to provide analytics data about how popular a service is. Like and Share buttons also have third-parties cookies associated with them. Third-party cookies used by Cyfrowy Polsat have the following functions:

  • Communicating with social networking sites (such as Facebook), which may then use information about each visitor's browsing activity to deliver targeted advertising on other websites,
  • Providing analytics companies with data on website and application traffic,
  • Providing advertising agencies with information about each visitor's browsing activity so they can deliver personalised advertising.

Cookies used by the Cyfrowy Polsat websites are stored by Cyfrowy Polsat S.A., with its registered office at ul. Łubinowa 4a, 03-878 Warsaw, Poland.

To learn more about how cookies work and why they are used, visit the website of the Association of Employers in the Internet Industry IAB Polska:

Last updated 01/26/2019