For students and graduates

Cyfrowy Polsat is open to working with people who have just entered the job market. We appreciate the enthusiasm, commitment and innovative ideas that young people contribute to our organisation. Each year we organise the ‘Summer Intern Scheme’ and an internship programme called ‘Digital Career’, both addressed to students and graduates.

These programmes are a perfect opportunity to get to know each other. We verify your qualifications and you become familiar with our working environment. But most of all, you get an opportunity to gain invaluable professional experience and apply your knowledge in practice. By working alongside professionals, you can learn from experts in their fields.

Internships and job placements give you a perfect opportunity to start your career with Cyfrowy Polsat. Many interns taking part in the programme have joined our team as employees.

The intern scheme in the eyes of its participant

Tomasz Gutkowski

Tomasz Gutkowski,
currently Junior Specialist at the Internet Solutions Section

Last updated 04/08/2015