Mission and vision


  • Who we are?

Media entertainment and telecom market leader in Poland.

Our mission is to create and deliver the most attractive TV and online content, telecommunication products and other services and commodities for the home, as well as individual and business customers, using state-of-the-art technologies to provide top quality multiplay services that match the changing needs of the market, while maintaining the highest possible level of customer satisfaction.

  • Who we want to be?

The superior goal of our strategy is the permanent, long-term growth of the value of Cyfrowy Polsat for its Shareholders. We intend to achieve this goal by implementing the key elements of our operating strategy.


The key elements of our strategy include:

Growth of revenue from services provided to residential and business customers

Growth of revenue from services provided to individual and business customers through consistent building of our customer base value by maximizing the number of users of our services as well as the number of services offered to each customer, while simultaneously increasing average revenue per user (ARPU) and maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction

Our goal is to effectively build revenue from the sale of products, services and commodities to our customers. By actively foreseeing new trends and reacting to the occurring market changes, we will continue to create products that will satisfy the changing needs of our customers.

The factor that will have a positive impact on revenue is the possibility of cross-selling of our existing and future products and services to the combined customer base of Cyfrowy Polsat, Polkomtel and Netia. We create a unique portfolio of products and services which is targeted at customer bases of companies composing our Group. When properly addressed, both through sale of additional individual products or a multiplay offer, this potential may gradually increase the number of services per individual user, thus increasing the average revenue per customer (ARPU) while favorably contributing to our customers; satisfaction levels.

The integrated services market is still developing in Poland, especially outside big cities and thus it has substantial growth potential. We intend to continue expanding our portfolio of products and services, relying both on own projects, as well as on strategic alliances or acquisitions. We trust that a comprehensive and unique offer of combined services (television, the Internet and phone) and the possibility of up-selling additional services (e.g. premium content services, entertainment services, financial products as well as sales of electricity and other services or solutions for home), when provided via diversified distribution platforms, will be decisive from the point of view of our competitive edge. It will also enable us to retain our existing customer base and offer an opportunity to acquire new customers, both on the pay TV and telecommunication markets as well as in the area of other services for the home and for residential customers.


Use of opportunities arising from the advancing technological changes

Use of opportunities arising from the advancing technological changes and market opportunities in order to expand the scope of our products and services

We are seeking to offer wide accessibility to our products and services to each of our existing and potential new customers. Therefore, beside the continuous development of technologies which have built the scale of our company in the past, we pay much attention to the development of new products which are meant to facilitate the availability of our content and broadband Internet services to everyone and everywhere.

The intertwining of the telecommunication and media worlds, in particular the wide availability of fast mobile transfer technology as well as the constantly improving quality of fixed-line Internet access, allow us to offer the equipment and technologies which break the limitations with regard to accessibility or ownership of certain telecommunication infrastructure. The OTT (over-the-top) technologies expand distribution markets for content producers and we intend to actively leverage on that. We invest in new technologies and equipment and we pursue opportunities for entering into strategic alliances or for acquisitions, with a view to facilitating access to the content produced by us to our customers. We also intend to leverage the changes taking place on the Polish content market and take advantage of the opportunities presented by the evolving needs and expectations of Polish consumers as well as changes in the ways of media consumption using all data transmission technologies in order to offer our customers an extensive range of services adjusted to their needs and preferences. By developing our content and telecommunication offer and expanding it to include complementary products and services, we seek to acquire new customers, build ARPU and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

An effective combination of telecommunication and content products provides new opportunities for distribution of content. Thanks to this combination, the attractive content and the wide range of our services will be delivered through a variety of reliable distribution channels – via satellite (DTH), within digital terrestrial television (DVB-T), Internet television (OTT), Internet platforms, applications and portals (video online), through mobile (LTE and 5G) and fixed-line (IPTV) technologies – to all consumer devices; from TV sets through PCs and tablets to smartphones.


Growth of revenue from content

Growth of revenue from produced and purchased video content by expanding its distribution, including a search for new channels of exploitation of rights, maintaining the audience shares of our channels and steady building of our viewer profile

The channels we produce and broadcast enjoy strong, well-established positions on the Polish TV market as well as high ratings in their target groups. Our goal is to maintain our audience share at a stable level and consistently improve our viewer profile. We believe that by making sensible investments in programming, and wider distribution of our own content, we will be able to gradually improve our viewer profile. This in turn will have a positive effect on the advertising airtime pricing.

Another crucial step in building the segment's value will be to maximize our distribution of produced and purchased TV content, both in terms of the customer groups it reaches (FTA, pay TV and online access) and the technologies they use (terrestrial, satellite, Internet, mobile). We want to invest in development and build the market position of our content brands, which later will be distributed via a number of channels adjusted to the evolving needs of our customers. These efforts, in our opinion, will not only allow us to reap the benefits of wide-scale distribution of our video content, but will also ensure a higher level of satisfaction among our customers and viewers, who will have more freedom to decide what, where and when to watch.


Effective management of the cost base 

Effective management of the cost base of our integrated media and telecoms group by exploiting its inherent synergies

We are convinced that building a closely integrated media and telecoms group offers an opportunity for tangible synergies and for securing significant competitive advantages. We are implementing numerous projects aimed at simplifying the Group’s structure by integrating relevant teams and harmonizing business processes and IT systems in the entire Group, which enables us to achieve tangible cost synergies. On a continuous basis we pursue optimization efforts aimed at adapting our cost base to current market conditions and our Group’s situation.


Effective management of the Group’s finances

Effective management of the Group’s finances, including its capital resources

The capital resources management policy adopted by us defines the method of using the funds generated from our operations. To guarantee the continuity and stability of the Group’s operations, the generated free cash is used in the first place for financing current operations and for investments indispensable for the development of the Group. Simultaneously, we continually exploit arising development opportunities, which allow us to make our products and services even more attractive or provide new methods of their distribution.

Our capital resources management policy assumes also maintaining balance between making regular dividend pay-outs to Shareholders of the Company and continuing to deleverage the Group. Therefore, the dividend policy adopted by the Management Board sets out the payments to Shareholders at a level enabling in parallel to continuously repay our indebtedness in order to achieve the desirable level of consolidated debt, measured by the net debt/EBITDA ratio which, according to the Articles of Association of Cyfrowy Polsat, should be reduced ultimately to the level of 2.0x.


Last updated 05/17/2021