What we do

We are one of the largest Polish companies and a leading media and telecommunications group in the region.

Polsat Plus Group is Poland’s largest media and telecommunications group and the leader on thePolish entertainment and telecommunications markets. Within the scope of our activities we provide a comprehensive array of integrated services in the following areas:  

  • pay TV services offered mainly by Cyfrowy Polsat – the largest pay TV provider in Poland and one of the leading satellite platforms in Europe – and our subsidiary Netia. We offer our customers access to about 150 TV channels broadcast in satellite, terrestrial and Internet (IPTV, OTT) technologies as well as additional modern OTT services (e.g. Cyfrowy Polsat GO, pay-per-view, Video On Demand) and Multiroom. We also provide online video services through IPLA, the leader on Poland’s online video market; 

  • telecommunication services, including voice and data transmission services, as well as various added services (VAS). We provide mobile telecommunication services mainly through our subsidiary Polkomtel – one of Poland’s leading telecommunications operators, and fixed-line telecommunication services mainly through our subsidiary Netia; 

  • mobile broadband Internet, offered under two alternative brands: Polsat Box (formerly CyfrowyPolsat) and Plus. We provide these services in the state-of-the-art LTE, LTE Advanced and 5G technologies. We offer the largest LTE coverage and the first commercial, being at the same time the largest and the fastest one, 5G network in Poland thanks to which our customers enjoy the best quality of services; 

  • fixed-line broadband Internet, offered under Netia and Plus brands based on the infrastructure of our subsidiary Netia whose own access networks reach approximately 2.8 million homes passed in ca. 180 Polish locations. In addition, Netia provides services based on access to the infrastructure of Orange Polska, Nexera and Inea;  

  • broadcasting and television production through Telewizja Polsat, the leading commercial TV broadcaster on the Polish market, offering 39 popular TV channels, including our main channel POLSAT, one of the leading FTA channels in Poland; 

  • Internet media through the portal ‘Interia.pl’, one of the three largest horizontal portals in Poland and member of our Group, and a number of thematic portals; 

  • wholesale services to other operators, including, i.a., network interconnection, IP and voice traffic transit, lease of lines and national and international roaming services. 

We operate mainly on the territory of Poland in two business segments: the B2C and B2B services segment and the media segment: television and online. 

Cyfrowy Polsat shares are listed in the Warsaw Stock Exchange on Warsaw since May 6, 2008. 

Solid financial performance in 2020

PLN 11.9 bn

of revenue

PLN 4.2 bn





PLN 1.3 bn

of free cash flow

PLN 1.1 bn 

of net profit


net debt/EBITDA ratio

  • Stable and diversified revenue, mainly based on recurring, regular contract services

  • High EBITDA margin, significantly above the market average

  • High level of conversion of financial results to cash

  • Capacity for rapid debt reduction 

  • Readiness for stable dividend payouts

Last updated 09/12/2021