What we do

Polsat Plus Group is Poland’s largest media and telecommunications group and the leader in the Polish entertainment and telecommunications markets. We are the leading pay TV provider and one of the leading telecommunications operators in the country. We are also one of Poland’s largest content producers and hold a leading position among private TV broadcasters in terms of both audience and advertising market shares. We offer a complete package of multimedia services designed for the entire family and a wide array of wholesale services to other telecommunications operators, television operators and broadcasters. In addition, based on our Strategy 2023+, we have expanded our business activities into the production and distribution of clean energy.
Our operating activities include four business segments: the B2C and B2B services segment, the media segment: television and online, the real estate segment (from April 1, 2022) and the green energy segment (from July 3, 2023). The portfolio of services and products offered by Group companies includes:

  • pay TV services offered under the ‘Polsat Box’ brand by Cyfrowy Polsat – the largest pay TV provider in Poland – and our subsidiary Netia. We offer our customers access to over 150 TV channels broadcast in satellite, terrestrial and Internet (IPTV, OTT) technologies as well as modern OTT services and Multiroom. We also provide online video services through online services ‘Polsat Box Go’, the leader on Poland’s online video market;
  • telecommunication services, including voice and data transmission services, as well as various added services (VAS). We provide mobile telecommunication services under the ‘Plus’ brand through Polkomtel – one of Poland’s leading telecommunications operators - and fixed-line telecommunication services mainly through Netia;
  • mobile broadband Internet, offered mainly under the ‘Plus’ brand in the state-of-the-art LTE, LTE Advanced and 5G technologies. We offer the largest LTE coverage and the first commercial, and concurrently the largest and fastest 5G network in Poland;
  • fixed-line broadband Internet, offered under the ‘Netia’ and ‘Plus’ brands based on our nationwide access infrastructure reaching approximately 3.3 million homes passed as well as based on access to networks of other fixed-line operators;
  • broadcasting and television production through Telewizja Polsat Group, the leading commercial TV broadcaster on the Polish market, offering 42 own popular TV channels, including our main channel POLSAT, one of the leading FTA channels in Poland;
  • Internet media through the portal Interia.pl, one of the three largest horizontal portals in Poland, as well as a number of thematic portals;
  • wholesale services to other operators, including, i.a., network interconnection, IP and voice traffic transit, lease of lines, and national and international roaming services;
  • activities on the real estate market, consisting mainly in the implementation of construction projects as well as the sale, rental and management of real estate. Our flagship project is the Port Praski investment located in the strict center of Warsaw;
  • production and sales of energy from renewable sources such as wind, solar and biomass. Within the green energy segment, we are also developing a value chain based on green hydrogen, including its production, storage, transportation and distribution and sales, as well as the construction of hydrogen stations and hydrogen-powered buses.

Key data

(million PLN)2019120201202112022120231
Selected financial data
Revenue 11,676.1 11,962.9 12,444.0 12,915.3 13,626.3
EBITDA 4,196.7 4,191.9 7,699.64 3,471.25 3,231.2
EBITDA  Margin 35.9% 35.0% 61.9%4 26.9%5 23.7%
Profit from operating activities 1,967.0 1,886.2 5,796.44 1,642.2 1.311,6
Net profit 1,114.6 1,146.2 4,414.5 901.1 311.6
Capital expenditures2 1,231.6 1,217.9 1,158.8 1,114.4 1,601.9
Capital expenditures as % of revenues 10.5% 10.2% 9.3% 8.6% 11.8%6
Average number of employees3 7,231 7,402 7,498 7,648 8,020
Stock data
Market capitalization e/y (thous. PLN) 17,868.9 19,365.4 22,205.0 11,262.4 7,885.6
Basic and diluted earnings per share (PLN) 1.74 1.79 6.95 1.62 0.57
Year-end price (PLN) 27.94 30.28 34.72 17.61 12.33

[1] Based on currently applicable IFRS 16 standard
[2] Capital expenditures represent payments for our investments in property, plant and equipment and intangible assets. It does not include expenditure on purchase of reception equipment leased to our customers, which are reflected in the cash flow from operating activities, or payments for telecommunication concessions.
[3] The average employment of permanent workers not engaged in production in Cyfrowy Polsat Group, excluding workers who did not perform work in the reporting period due to long-term absences.
[4] Including one-off gain on disposal of Polkomtel Infrastruktura in the amount of PLN 3,680.6 million
[5] EBITDA incl. gain on disposal of  subsidiaries and associates ( PLN 153.2m) and costs of supporting Ukraine (PLN 34.1m)
[6] The increase in the Group's total capex is due to the inclusion of capital expenditures in the green energy segment


Contract services for B2C customers
Total number of B2C RGUs (EOP) [thous.], incl. 12,902 13,169 13,465 13,285 13,083
Pay TV 5,336 5,355 5,264 5,049 4,843
Mobile telephony 5,578 5,810 6,195 6,238 6,246
Internet 1,988 2,004 2,006 1,998 1,994
Number of B2C customers (EOP) [thous.] 6,087 6,004 6,047 5,934 5,795
ARPU per B2C customer [PLN] 62.9 64.5 68.2 70.8 72.6
Churn in B2C subsegment 7.2% 6.9% 6.9% 7.0% 7.6%
RGU saturation per one B2C customer 2.12 2.19 2.23 2.24 2.26
Prepaid services
Total number of RGUs (EOP) [thous.], incl.: 2,658 2,618 2,666 2,691 2,646
Pay TV 161 114 90 82 98
Mobile telephony 2,416 2,446 2,537 2,578 2,522
Internet 81 58 39 31 26
ARPU per prepaid RGU [PLN] 15.4 15.5 16.2 17.5 17.6
Contract services for B2B customers
Total number of B2B customers (EOP) [thous.] 68.7 69.3 68.9 69.1 68.8
ARPU per B2B customer [PLN] 1,400 1,381 1,390 1,406 1,454
TV channels
Audience share1 24.3% 23.9% 24.6% 22.5% 22.0%
Advertising market share2 27.9% 28.1% 28.0% 28.7% 28.6%
Online – internet portals3
Average number of users [millions] 9.6 14.7 20.2 20.9 20.9
Average number of page views [millions] 145 884 1.931 2.045 1,941

[1] NAM, All 16‐59 (2018-2020 All 16‐49), all day, SHR%; excluding partnership channels, include both live broadcasting and broadcasting during 2 consecutive days (i.e. Time Shifted Viewing); starting from September 2021 incl. the TV audience out of home (OOH – out of home viewing); internal analysis
[2] Our estimates based on Starcom/Publicis Group data 
[3] Data from Gemius/PBI and Mediapanel surveys; data for the periods prior to the acquisition of Interia Group in July 2020 for Polsat Group standalone. Data for the periods after the acquisition of Interia Group for Polsat-Interia Group; number of users – real users (RU) indicator

Last updated 04/18/2024