What we do

Polsat Plus Group is the largest provider of integrated media and telecommunications services in Poland. We are the leading pay TV provider and one of the leading telecommunications operators in the country. We are also one of Poland’s leading private TV broadcasters in terms of both audience and advertising market shares. We offer a complete package of multimedia services designed for the entire family: pay TV via satellite, terrestrial and online (IPTV and OTT) broadcasting, mobile and fixed-line telephony, data transmission services and broadband Internet access, mainly in LTE and LTE Advanced mobile technologies as well as 5G technology and also through fixed-line networks, including fiber optic. Additionally, we provide a wide array of wholesale services to other telecommunications operators, television operators and broadcasters. Moreover, we are a leading player on the Internet media market - the portal Interia.pl, which belongs to the Group, is one of the three largest horizontal portals in Poland. We also operate on the Polish online advertising market offering modern marketing and promotional solutions.

Our mission is to create and deliver the most attractive TV and online content, telecommunications products and other services for the home as well as for individual and business customers, using state-of-the-art technologies, to provide top quality multiplay services that match the changing needs of our customers while maintaining the highest possible level of their satisfaction. We are guided by the principle “For everyone. Everywhere” and we aim to satisfy every customer’s needs with our products and services accessible at any time and on any device regardless of the method of service provisioning. We are constantly working on expanding our offering and entering new distribution markets. We pay attention to the development of unique content, acquired both internally and externally, as we consider it an important competitive advantage in our operations.

In December 2021, we adopted the new Strategy 2023+ for our Group, which envisages the expansion of existing operating activities to a new area - clean energy production. The new operational pillar will open the possibility of building an additional revenue stream for Polsat Plus Group and will bring tangible social benefits in the form of greenhouse gas emissions reduction. In line with the concept of ESG, we want to create the value of our Group in a sustainable manner taking into account and addressing environmental, social, responsible and transparent business issues, to the benefit of the local society and all our Stakeholders. The superior goal of Polsat Plus Group's strategy remains the sustained, long-term growth of the value of Cyfrowy Polsat S.A. for its Shareholders.

Key data

(million PLN)201820191202012021120221,6
Selected financial data
Revenue 10,686.1 11,676.1 11,962.9 12,444.0 12.915,3
EBITDA 3,697.7 4,196.7 4,191.9 7,699.64 3.471,25
EBITDA  Margin 34.6% 35.9% 35.0% 61.9%4 26,9%5
Profit from operating activities 1,727.0 1,967.0 1,886.2 5,796.44 1.642,2
Net profit 816.1 1,114.6 1,146.2 4,414.5 901,1
Capital expenditures2 928.4 1,231.6 1,217.9 1,158.8 n/a
Capital expenditures as % of revenues 8.7 10.5% 10.2% 9.3% n/a
Average number of employees3 6,086 7,231 7,402 7,498 n/a
Stock data
Market capitalization e/y (thous. PLN) 14,428.2 17,868.9 19,365.4 22,205.0 11.262,4
Basic and diluted earnings per share (PLN) 1.28 1.74 1.79 6.95 N/A
Year-end price (PLN) 22.56 27.94 30.28 34.72 17.61

[1] Based on currently applicable IFRS 16 standard and incl. Netia Group’s results
[2] Capital expenditures represent payments for our investments in property, plant and equipment and intangible assets. It does not include expenditure on purchase of reception equipment leased to our customers, which are reflected in the cash flow from operating activities, or payments for telecommunication concessions.
[3] The average employment of permanent workers not engaged in production in Cyfrowy Polsat Group, excluding workers who did not perform work in the reporting period due to long-term absences.
[4] Including one-off gain on disposal of Polkomtel Infrastruktura in the amount of PLN 3,680.6 million
[5] EBITDA incl. gain on disposal of  subsidiaries and associates ( PLN 153.2m) and costs of supporting Ukraine (PLN 34.1m)
[6] Preliminary, unaudited financial results for Cyfrowy Polsat S.A. Capital Group for 2022 (Current report No 7/2023)


Contract services for B2C customers
Total number of B2C RGUs (EOP) [thous.], incl. 12,646 12,902 13,169 13,465 13,285
Pay TV 5,359 5,336 5,355 5,264 5,049
Mobile telephony 5,271 5,578 5,810 6,195 6,238
Internet 2,017 1,988 2,004 2,006 1,998
Number of B2C customers (EOP) [thous.] 6,176 6,087 6,004 6,047 5,934
ARPU per B2C customer [PLN] 61.8 62.9 64.5 68.2 70.8
Churn in B2C subsegment n/a 7.2% 6.9% 6.9% 7.0%
RGU saturation per one B2C customer 2.05 2.12 2.19 2.23 2.24
Prepaid services
Total number of RGUs (EOP) [thous.], incl.: 2,647 2,658 2,618 2,666 2,691
Pay TV 96 161 114 90 82
Mobile telephony 2,424 2,416 2,446 2,537 2,578
Internet 127 81 58 39 31
ARPU per prepaid RGU [PLN] 15.4 15.4 15.5 16.2 17.5
Contract services for B2B customers
Total number of B2B customers (EOP) [thous.] 68.2 68.7 69.3 68.9 69.1
ARPU per B2B customer [PLN] 1,426 1,400 1,381 1,390 1,406
TV channels
Audience share1 24.3% 24.3% 23.9% 24.6% 22.5%
Advertising market share2 27.3% 27.9% 28.1% 28.0% 28.7%
Online – internet portals3
Average number of users [millions] 8.9 9.6 14.7 20.2 20.9
Average number of page views [millions] 120 145 884 1.931 2.045

[1] NAM, All 16‐59 (2018-2020 All 16‐49), all day, SHR%; excluding partnership channels, include both live broadcasting and broadcasting during 2 consecutive days (i.e. Time Shifted Viewing); starting from September 2021 incl. the TV audience out of home (OOH – out of home viewing); internal analysis
[2] Our estimates based on Starcom/Publicis Group data 
[3] Data from Gemius/PBI and Mediapanel surveys; data for the periods prior to the acquisition of Interia Group in July 2020 for Polsat Group standalone. Data for the periods after the acquisition of Interia Group for Polsat-Interia Group; number of users – real users (RU) indicator

Last updated 04/15/2023