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Polsat Plus Group sums up its performance in 2023

23 million people living within the coverage area of the 5G network, 6 million within the coverage of 5G Ultra network, and 13 million with access to a fiber-optic connection, very good TV Polsat programming offer, partnership with Google Cloud, production of electricity from solar and wind power as well as sale of hydrogen-powered buses

Last updated 04/11/2024

Expanding Plus' ultrafast mobile and fiber Internet coverage

Plus is expanding its 5G, 5G Ultra and fiber-optic network coverage. There are already 23 million people in Poland within the range of 5G Plus, and the even faster 5G Ultra can be used by 6 million people in all provinces. The availability of high-speed fixed-line Internet Plus Światłowód is also being increased all the time, and is currently available to more than 13 million Polish residents.

Last updated 03/27/2024

Polsat Plus Group's hydrogen cars have driven their first million kilometers

Hydrogen cars owned by the Polsat Plus Group have driven one million kilometers. Zero carbon dioxide emissions and air purification capabilities are features of the vehicle that fit perfectly with the Group's environmental mission. Polsat Plus Group company PAK PCE will soon start producing green hydrogen in Konin, which will be supplied to hydrogen refueling stations. Stations from the Polsat Plus Group under the NESO brand are already operating in Warsaw and Rybnik, with plans to build more in several Polish cities.

Last updated 03/20/2024

26 NesoBus hydrogen buses from Polsat Plus Group and ZE PAK will run in Chelm

The city of Chelm has selected Polsat Plus Group and ZE PAK as the supplier of 26 zero-emission, environmentally friendly NesoBus hydrogen buses, following a tender. The delivery of the buses will to take place in 3 tranches and finally end on October 30, 2025. This is the third major order of NesoBuses after Rybnik and Gdansk.

As part of the tender announced by Chelm City Hall, a joint company of Polsat Plus Group and ZE PAK - PCE Polski Autobus Wodorowy - submitted a bid that was considered the most favorable.

Last updated 03/18/2024

Changes in the management of Telewizja Polsat

 The Supervisory Board of Telewizja Polsat decided to delegate Piotr Żak, Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board, to perform the duties of the President of the Management Board

As of January 16, 2024, Piotr Żak will be the acting President of the Management Board of Telewizja Polsat. At the same time, he will remain Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board. The Supervisory Board concluded that this was the best decision for the future and development of Telewizja Polsat.

Last updated 04/16/2024

More than 5 million people within range of 5G Ultra

More than 5 million Polish residents can already benefit from 5G Ultra - the fastest 5G Internet in Poland. Thanks to nearly 900 base stations, more than 5 million Polish residents in 250 cities across all voivodeships can already enjoy 5G Ultra mobile Internet that is as fast as fiber. In total, more than 20 million people are within the range of Plus' 5G network.

Last updated 12/04/2023

Canal+ Polska Group channels in the Polsat Media offer

On January 1, 2024, Polsat Media's advertising bureau will start selling advertising time on 13 TV channels belonging to Canal+ Polska Group.

Canal+ Polska Group is a leading publisher and broadcaster of premium TV channels, as well as an aggregator and the second largest distributor of pay TV packages in Poland.

Polsat Media's offer will include channels such as Ale Kino+, CANAL+ Domo, Planete+, MiniMini+, teleTOON+, Novelas+, CANAL+ PREMIUM, Canal+ Kitchen, Canal+ FAMILY, Canal+ Sport, Canal+ Sport 2, Canal+ Sport 3, Canal+ Sport 5.

Last updated 11/27/2023

Polsat Plus Group sums up its performance in Q3 2023 – partnership with Google Cloud, first in Poland hydrogen refueling stations and 5G Ultra service offering data speeds of up to 1 Gbps

Last updated 11/09/2023

The first in Silesia hydrogen refueling station has been launched in Rybnik under NESO brand

Polsat Plus Group and ZE PAK Group have constructed and launched the first in Silesia, and the second in Poland, public hydrogen refueling station serving cars and buses. The station will be to refuel, among others, 20 hydrogen-powered NesoBus city buses  produced by Polsat Plus Group and ZE PAK Group which have already started serving passengers in Rybnik. The town is one of the leaders of green energy transformation in Poland, with the buses and refueling station being one of the main elements of the emerging Rybnik Hydrogen District.

Last updated 10/31/2023

Google Cloud and Polsat Plus Group announce strategic partnership

Google Cloud and Polsat Plus Group (GPP) have announced strategic partnership where Google will sign its first, in Poland, agreement for the purchase of clean and green electricity. Thanks to implementing the Google Cloud solutions, Polsat Plus Group will in turn accelerate its technological development and digital transformation.

Last updated 10/26/2023


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