Cyfrowy Polsat: unlimited Internet Power LTE from PLN 29.90

26 Aug 2014

From August 26 2014 Internet Power LTE, that is unlimited Internet in LTE technology, is available from Cyfrowy Polsat also in the two lowest subscription fees of PLN 29.90 and PLN 49.90 per month. Using LTE Internet without any limits is possible throughout the entire term of the contract – during the first 6 months of contract the service is completely free of charge, afterwards it costs PLN 10 monthly. Similarly to all other Power LTE tariffs, also the new offer includes different classes of service, which allow to manage efficiently the quality of the net in cases of its overload. Until the exhaustion of the basic package, data is transferred with maximum available speed, afterwards this user may continue to sue the Internet without limits provided that he remains within the coverage of LTE Internet. Depending on the chosen subscription, data transfer occurs with a varied maximum speed – for the subscription fee of PLN 49.90 the maximum speed is 5 Mb/s, while in the case of the PLN 29.90 subscription fee – up to 1 Mb/s.

Last updated 10/04/2014