Teleaudio Dwa and InterPhone Service join Cyfrowy Polsat Group

02 Apr 2015

As a result of the concluded acquisition agreements, aligned with the Group’s development strategy in the new technologies area, Teleaudio Dwa, the leader in Premium Rate services, and InterPhone Service, the manufacturer of modern, general purpose telecommunication and electronic appliances, have joined Cyfrowy Polsat Group. The total value of the transaction was PLN 35 million.

“As a leader in new technologies we continuously look for solutions which will streamline our operations, strengthen the areas where we have competitive edge and lead to growth customer satisfaction with the services we provide,” – says Tomasz Gillner-Gorywoda, the CEO of Cyfrowy Polsat S.A.  “Teleaudio Dwa and InterPhone Service are the companies who own and use the most advanced and operationally-proven technologies in Poland which they continuously develop. They have long-term experience in business and highly developed competence in the areas of value-added services and manufacturing that we will be able to exploit in our Group’s operations for the benefit of our customers,” adds Tomasz Gillner-Gorywoda.

Teleaudio Dwa has been operating since 1996 and is a leading player in the telecommunication and data communication industries. It specializes in providing Premium Rate services which rely on SMS/IVR/MMS/WAP technologies, e.g. contests, lotteries, MT subscriptions, Direct Billing, SMS codes/access to paid WWW content, call center services (both voice and SMS) as well as integrated voice response services (IVR), credit card payments, money transfers, voice traffic termination. The company operates based on own state-of-the-art data communication platform which is continuously developed and which is able to support even the most advanced projects. With more than 18 years of experience, the company holds a top spot among the biggest providers of value-added services in Poland, which is confirmed in the best way by the recognition it has gained from over 600 of its B2B clients.

InterPhone Service is a factory using modern machines for manufacturing general purpose telecommunication and electronic equipment, including satellite TV set-top boxes. It is located in EURO-PARK MIELEC Special Economic Zone.

The factory in Mielec uses the most modern manufacturing equipment which meets global standards, thanks to which while generating lower costs for us it will successfully become our new manufacturing center. The existing plant in Warsaw’s Targówek district will now assume the role of a service and maintenance center,” says Dariusz Działkowski, Cyfrowy Polsat S.A. Management Board Member responsible for technical matters.

“Thanks to cooperation with Teleaudio Dwa we will be able to develop modern sales and customer service channels which meet our consumers’ expectations, thus making our company more competitive and increasing our customers’ satisfaction with the services that we provide to them,” adds Dariusz Działkowski.

Cyfrowy Polsat Group is the only operator of pay TV in Poland and one of the very few worldwide with own STB factory. During over 7 years of operation, the factory manufactured 13 proprietary  models of satellite TV receivers, also featuring HD and PVR functions, in a volume exceeding 6 million units. During last year’s 2014 SAT Krak digital satellite TV trade fair, and the accompanying 2014 SAT Kurier Awards  gala, the HD 6000 set-top box manufactured by Cyfrowy Polsat was awarded the main prize in the category “Best Polish SAT TV Product.”

The group has own Customer Service Centers and actively develops own data communication systems, which decides about its competitive edge, while making it operationally efficient and flexible.

Last updated 04/08/2015