Cyfrowy Polsat Group sums up its performance in Q1 2024

In Q1 2024 Polsat Plus Group expanded the Plus network 5G coverage to reach 23 million people, while the 5G Ultra technology, with data speeds of up to 1 Gbps, reaches 6 million people. Fiber-optic connections reach 13 million people. TV Polsat spring programming enjoyed high audiences share while Polsat-Interia Group was once again the no. 1 Internet publisher in April. Technological start-up of the Group’s third wind farm, located in Człuchów, is in process.

Major events:

Last updated 05/31/2024

Polsat Plus Group sums up its performance in 2023

23 million people living within the coverage area of the 5G network, 6 million within the coverage of 5G Ultra network, and 13 million with access to a fiber-optic connection, very good TV Polsat programming offer, partnership with Google Cloud, production of electricity from solar and wind power as well as sale of hydrogen-powered buses

Last updated 04/11/2024

Polsat Plus Group sums up its performance in Q3 2023 – partnership with Google Cloud, first in Poland hydrogen refueling stations and 5G Ultra service offering data speeds of up to 1 Gbps

Last updated 11/09/2023

Google Cloud and Polsat Plus Group announce strategic partnership

Google Cloud and Polsat Plus Group (GPP) have announced strategic partnership where Google will sign its first, in Poland, agreement for the purchase of clean and green electricity. Thanks to implementing the Google Cloud solutions, Polsat Plus Group will in turn accelerate its technological development and digital transformation.

Last updated 10/26/2023

Termination of cooperation between Cyfrowy Polsat and Moody's Investors Service

Cyfrowy Polsat S.A. announces that it decided not to prolong the agreement and to terminate its cooperation with Moody's Investors Service rating agency. Accordingly, Moody's has withdrawn the corporate rating assigned to the company.

The last rating assigned to the company by Moody's on October 5, 2022 was a long-term rating of "Ba3" with a negative outlook.

Polsat Plus Group's current ratings are available at:

Last updated 07/20/2023

Credit facilities agreement between Polsat Plus Group and a consortium of financial institutions

Polsat Plus Group concluded a Senior Facilities Agreement with a consortium of Polish and foreign financial institutions which will be utilized for investment projects, the repayment in full of the indebtedness under the previous credit facilities and the financing of general corporate needs.  The agreements concluded are linked with sustainable development goals pursued by Polsat Plus Group through environmental, social and corporate governance activities. The credit facilities will be in zlotys and euros, with a final repayment date of 2028. 

Last updated 04/28/2023

Polsat Plus Group sums up 2022 – support for Ukraine, more than 20 million people living in the coverage area of 5G network, partnership with Disney+, development of the Clean Energy segment

In 2022 Polsat Plus Group was consistently developing  the Telecommunications, Content and Clean Energy pillars of its operations, while also being involved in providing support to the citizens of Ukraine by donating several dozen million zloty to this cause.

Major events in 2022:

Last updated 04/20/2023

Polsat Plus Group has nothing to do with the investment into Sense Bank

Information with regard to media publications concerning involvement of Polsat Plus Group in the investment into an Ukrainian Sense Bank: 

Polsat Plus Group or any company from Polsat Plus Group has nothing do to with the investment into Sense Bank

Last updated 03/27/2023

Largest issuance of private company corporate bonds in Polish zloty

Polsat Plus Group is the first Polish company issuing Sustainability-Linked Bonds according to the international ICMA (International Capital Market Association) standard. This is the largest issuance of corporate bonds by a private company in the history of the Polish zloty capital market (PLN 2.67 billion). The funds from the bond issue will support the implementation of Polsat Plus Group's Strategy 2023+, particularly the achievement of its goal to install 1,000 MW of clean energy generation capacity.

Last updated 12/21/2022


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