Largest issuance of private company corporate bonds in Polish zloty

Polsat Plus Group is the first Polish company issuing Sustainability-Linked Bonds according to the international ICMA (International Capital Market Association) standard. This is the largest issuance of corporate bonds by a private company in the history of the Polish zloty capital market (PLN 2.67 billion). The funds from the bond issue will support the implementation of Polsat Plus Group's Strategy 2023+, particularly the achievement of its goal to install 1,000 MW of clean energy generation capacity.

Last updated 12/21/2022

Polsat Plus Group sums up its results for Q1 2022: offers featuring Disney+, adding to the Group and NesoBus testing

During Q3 2022 Polsat Plus Group was been developing dynamically across all segments of its operations. Polsat Box, Plus, Netia and Polsat Box Go customers have been offered access to Disney+. joined, thus strengthening the Group’s operations in the online media area. Wind farm projects were being developed dynamically and work continued on assembling  the full green hydrogen economy value chain.

In Q3 2022 Polsat Plus Group:

Last updated 11/16/2022

NesoBus – premiere of a Polish hydrogen-powered bus

NesoBus is a brand new, zero-emission, hydrogen-powered city bus from Poland. Powered by green hydrogen it is the most ecological city transport bus. It has been created by Polish designers and engineers, working together with partners from Europe and from other parts of the world. The bus is 12-meters-long and can carry up to 93 passengers, which includes 37 seats. Its operating range is around 450 km on one tank. It does not emit any exhaust fumes but purifies the air, with vapor being the only emission.

Last updated 05/31/2022

Polsat Plus Group sums up its results for Q1 2022

During Q1 2022 Polsat Plus Group increased its multiplay customer base to nearly 2.5 million, with Polsat main channel being the audience leader in the commercial viewers group among the main TV channels. At the same time, the number of users of the Group’s web portals increased to over 21 million. The Group intensified its efforts aimed at putting into operation, in a short time, further sources of clean energy production, including solar and wind farms. It also continued preparations for launching the production of green hydrogen which is a zero-emission fuel of the future.

Last updated 05/13/2022

Choose everything for yourself – Polsat Plus Group starts changing its brands Cyfrowy Polsat will evolve into a new Polsat Box brand

Change of Polsat Plus Group’s logos, that was announced in June, has just commenced. Polsat and Plus brands will have new logos while Cyfrowy Polsat brand will  change to the new Polsat Box brand. Ipla and Cyfrowy Polsat Go will evolve into a single service called Polsat Box Go. A new service called Polsat Go, offering Polsat TV content, will be created- All the main brand logos will be consistent so that customers and viewers will readily identify them as Polsat Plus Group’s brands. What unites all the brands is the possibilities they offer to each and every customer and viewer, i.e.

Last updated 04/21/2022

Polsat Plus Group sums its performance in 2021 – roll-out of 5G network and extending the scope of operations to include production of clean energy and green hydrogen

Polsat Plus Group provides in excess of 20 million services (RGU’s), with more than 19 million people in Poland living within the coverage area of the best and the fastest 5G network which is operated by Plus. The Group has been consistently developing the Telecommunications and Content segments while also investing in production of clean, green energy, i.e. solar and wind power as well as electricity generated from biomass burning. It has been also making preparations to start production of green hydrogen.

Last updated 03/24/2022

Strategy 2023+ of Polsat Plus Group

Polsat Plus Group, whose founder and majority shareholder is Zygmunt Solorz, is expanding its multiplay strategy to include the production and sale of clean energy. As part of the Strategy 2023+, key segments – Connectivity under the Plus brand, Content under the Polsat brand - and a new segment – Clean Energy – will be developed.

Last updated 12/20/2021

Polsat Plus Group sums up its Q3 2021 performance. More than 20 million services (RGU’s)

Polsat Plus Group ended Q3 2021 with very good operational and financial results. For the first time in history the presented operational data includes Netia and Premium Mobile, the two companies of which the Group has become the sole owner.

Last updated 11/15/2021


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