Glossary beginning with S

Satellite centre

Cyfrowy Polsat’s receiving and transmitting centre located at the Company’s registered office in Warsaw, at ul. Łubinowa 4a.


Standard definition television, the digital equivalent of the analogue PAL and NTSC standards.

Set-top box

A device processing the encoded digital signal so that it may be received by a TV set. It is generally used to receive digital satellite pay TV.

Share in advertising market

Share of TV advertisement and sponsorship revenue of a given entity in the total revenue from TV advertising in Poland.


A programme operated by Cyfrowy Polsat and Plus mobile network operator, combining such products as TV, Internet, phone, electricity and banking services, and offering savings for each additional service purchased from the combined portfolio of both operators and their partners.


(Short Message Service)

A short text message which can be sent to another mobile telephony user directly from the phone or via the Internet, from a website. Text messages can contain up to 160 characters.

Subscription warrants

Securities issued by a joint stock company. Warrants may be in a registered or bearer form. Holders of warrants have the right to take up or subscribe for new issue shares.