Glossary beginning with M


(Multiple Input, Multiple Output)

A technology solution increasing wireless network capacity, based on 'multiple input multiple output' data transmission both on the broadcast and reception end.


(Modulator – Demodulator)

Piece of equipment enabling Internet access. It processes digital data into analogue data to send it to another modem over a conventional telephone line. A modem also performs analogue-to-digital signal conversion, to send the converted signals to a computer. Two types of modems are manufactured − internal and external. Modems vary mainly by their transmission speeds.


A combined stream of digital data, composed of two or more streams of data carrying TV and radio programming, along with additional information, in particular concerning the conditional access system or additional services. It is a package of TV and radio channels and additional services, simultaneously transmitted digitally to the user over a single frequency channel.

Multiroom HD

Service providing access to the same range of TV channels on up to four television sets in one household for a single subscription fee.


(Mobile Virtual Network Operator)

A reseller of mobile telephony services. Operators MVNOs are not holders of licences for using radio frequencies or radio network owners, but they operate their own telecommunications infrastructure in the Full MVNO model. Like resellers of mobile telephony services, they sell services under their own brand and, depending on the model adopted, they may have their own range of telephone numbers, an individual network code, their own SIM cards, and a billing system, and are free to define their own offer of services.