TV Polsat named the Broadcaster of the Year according to "Media & Marketing Polska"

30 Oct 2015

TV Polsat received the title of the Broadcaster of the Year in the report prepared by the "Media & Marketing Polska" magazine.
In the opinion of the authors of the report, TV Polsat stood out in a positive way against the entire television market in Poland. The station has been appreciated most of all for the consistent creation of their programming offer, courageous experiments with content and synergy with other entities belonging to the Group. 

The report states that Polsat was the only channel out of the big four which defended its viewership figures this year. Nielsen’s data indicate that in the period January – August 2015 SHR in the commercial group (16-49) was at the level of 13.1% (vs. 13.07% SHR a year ago). Polsat leads this year’s ranking, leaving behind both commercial TVN and TVP public channels.

"Media & Marketing Polska" emphasizes that after years of two-digit declines of main channels and in the face of growing competition, both on the side of paid thematic channels, and the smaller terrestrial channels, Polsat’s results are impressive and it is difficult not to recognize the efforts of the broadcaster.

Several important factors have contributed to very good results of Polsat’s main channel, which are visible not only in telemetry. The consistency of the broadcaster in creating the programming offer is particularly worth mentioning. According to the report, there are no programming "fireworks" or unique market experiments. Polsat is not breaking records in the category "number of novelties in the programming offer". The station has focused on proven formats for years, including adapted programs or series, whereas the viewers also appreciate novelties. Furthermore, achievements in the area of sport channels were emphasized, which the report describes as impressive. Apart from that, the synergy between Polsat and other channels in the portfolio is also appreciated – the authors of the report state that smaller channels perfectly complement the proposals of the main channel. A strong position of IPLA has been also noticed – the report sums this up with the statement that stronger binging of television and Internet is a necessity and although three biggest broadcasters in Poland are fully aware of this, so far it has been Polsat that drew most conclusions from this knowledge.

Last updated 11/02/2015