Polsat Group plans to invest into cinema production and distribution. The Company launches a program for filmmakers and starts the cooperation with the Polish Film Institute

11 May 2016

Polsat Group invites filmmakers to submit interesting projects which the Group might support in terms of production, promotion and distribution under the new program called Digital Filmmakers Zone (Cyfrowa Strefa Twórców). A good idea is what counts, as well as the potential of a given film for reaching wide cinema and television audience, not only in Poland but also and the international arena. Projects may be submitted via the website www.cyfrowastrefatworcow.pl. The program has been initiated by Cyfrowy Polsat, Polsat TV, IPLA, Polkomtel and Dystrybucja Mówi Serwis.

The agreement between Cyfrowy Polsat and the Polish Film Institute was also signed today. The agreement envisages substantial cooperation of the entities which includes rendering available, against the consent of filmmakers and producers, the effects of the Operational Programmes of the Polish Film Institute and which is aimed at providing financial, in-kind and distribution support by Polsat Group to the selected, valuable film projects submitted to the Polish Film Institute, which simultaneously meet the terms of the Digital Filmmakers Zone.

The Digital Filmmakers Zone is the first integrated digital platform on the market for communication between filmmakers, screenwriters and producers and Program initiators who are waiting for interesting, audio-visual forms of Polish arts, including movies addressed to a wide audience and which are primarily intended for screening at cinemas.

„The main goal we followed when designing the Digital Filmmakers Zone was to create a place through which the filmmakers could communicate with us in a simple way and submit their concepts, ideas and interesting scripts, simultaneously to all companies from Polsat Group”, says Agnieszka Odorowicz, a Cyfrowy Polsat Board Member.As Polsat Group we have considerable means of reaching millions of viewers – thanks to joint activities we offer producers a unique opportunity of acquiring financing for production and professional  film promotion and distribution”.

Through the Digital Filmmakers Zone Polsat Group would like to implement plans intended to increase the involvement of companies into film production, co-production and distribution, in order to extend the Polish offer and make it more attractive, as well as to increase the cinema audience who deliberately selects Polish productions.

Assumptions of the Digital Filmmakers Zone Program:

  • Individual nature of cooperation between Program initiators and filmmakers,
  • Production, promotion and distribution support of audio-visual projects,
  • Beneficial cooperation models, defining common artistic and business objectives,
  • Joint work on the quality at each stage of project’s execution,
  • Effective and comprehensive promotion of joint projects,
  • Effective distribution in all fields of exploitation,
  • Ensuring the copyright protection of the submitted projects within the Group,
  • Simplifying and systemizing the business cooperation with producers by the companies of Polsat Group.

Support will be given to original ideas of filmmakers which have not been yet bought by producers, under-development projects or projects with an initial version of script. Furthermore, the program initiators wait for proposals of television series which have storylines, for which at least three episodes have been already developed in terms of script, film projects but which do not have the finalized sources of financing and distribution.

What projects have the biggest chance to receive support?

  • Feature films addressed to the broad audience: action movies, comedies, detective movies, thrillers, comedy dramas, family movies,
  • Original projects of feature films enriching Polish film arts with new topics or new takes on modern times,
  • Interesting biographies,
  • Film debuts in genres which are attractive to the cinema audience,
  • Animated feature films, based on universal stories and addressed to the broad audience with the sale potential on foreign markets,
  • Co-produced international films, preferably with Polish involvement which constitutes a distribution advantage of such films,
  • Original ideas for television series, diverging from the mainstream, which stand out with originality, a non-standard manner of storytelling and have a potential for international sales.

Scope of cooperation:

  • Purchase of idea / script,
  • Film co-production,
  • Film distribution,
  • Purchase of license for many fields of exploitation,
  • Purchase of rights to the production of remakes and sequels of feature films,
  • Purchase of series formats,
  • Purchase of license for film screening along with a mini-series.

Who and how may submit a project?

Visual projects may be submitted by anyone who has an idea and vision, including newcomers. You just need to enter the website www.cyfrowastrefatworcow.pl, moving through a short registration process as a first step. Programme does not have specific time frames set. Its initiators include: Cyfrowy Polsat, Polsat Television, IPLA, Polkomtel and Dystrybucja Mówi Serwis.

Cooperation with the Polish Film Institute

On 11 May 2016, Polsat Group and the Polish Film Institute start the cooperation which assumes supporting by the Polsat Group of the selected film projects submitted to the Polish Film Institute which have not received financing from the Institute or the execution of which would not be possible without commercial support. Thanks to the exchange of information and knowledge between the signatories of the cooperation agreement signed today, the filmmakers will have a chance to execute their projects with the involvement of Polsat Group. 

Last updated 05/16/2016