Cyfrowy Polsat Group scales up at Eutelsat’s HOTBIRD position

06 Sep 2017

TV Polsat marks 25 years of satellite broadcasting with new capacity at Poland's leading video neighbourhood

Paris, Warsaw, 6 September 2017
- Cyfrowy Polsat Group, Poland’s leading media and telecommunications group signed today a long-term contract with Eutelsat Communications (NYSE Euronext Paris: ETL) for the lease of several satellite transponders. The agreement covers the extension of the hitherto capacity lease and its expansion at the HOTBIRD video position. This new contract for capacity at Poland’s most popular video neighbourhood consolidates a collaboration that began 25 years ago with the launch of Polsat, Poland’s first commercial channel, on a Eutelsat satellite.

The new contract adds 33 MHz to the capacity already used at the HOTBIRD position by Cyfrowy Polsat, Poland’s largest satellite platform and pay TV operator and TV Polsat, the leading commercial broadcaster in Poland. The new capacity will support the continued expansion of digital entertainment services and raise the bar for better image quality. TV Polsat provides 24 popular channels under its brand and Cyfrowy Polsat, offers approx. 180 channels, including over 80 channels in HD and provides over 4.8 million pay TV services.

Dariusz Działkowski, CTO at Cyfrowy Polsat S.A. and Telewizja Polsat Sp. z o.o., said “As Poland's leading media group and the largest pay TV platform, we have always placed the quality of our services among our priorities and their regular development among the main goals of our business strategy. The new satellite capacity and long-term cooperation with a reliable partner create a stable environment and give us a lot of comfort in these two areas.”

Michel Azibert, Deputy CEO and Chief Commercial & Development Officer, added: "The launch of Polsat on a Eutelsat satellite 25 years ago heralded the beginning of a multi-channel market that has evolved into a vibrant and innovative business offering viewers the benefits of quality, choice and diversity and has seen Cyfrowy Polsat grow into one of the largest pay TV platforms in Europe. We are proud to cement our collaboration with a new contract that underscores the continuing leadership of the HOT BIRD neighbourhood across Europe and as home for more than 200 channels in Polish.”

Last updated 09/07/2017