Polsat Plus Group is taking over the naEKRANIE.pl website and 4FUN channels

21 Jul 2023

Polsat Plus Group has become a majority shareholder in the companies that own the naEKRANIE.pl website and the 4FUN.TV, 4FUN KIDS and 4FUN DANCE TV channels.  At the same time, the companies entered into a long-term investment agreement under which they will jointly develop the existing 4FUN and naEKRANIE.pl businesses. Mateusz Górecki remains at the head of both companies in the rank of CEO.

“We are pleased that naEKRANIE.pl and 4FUN channels are joining our Group. We treat the acquisition of shares in 4FUN and naEKRANIE.pl as a long-term investment. We are convinced that thanks to our active support and involvement the position and importance of both brands will grow dynamically,” comments Stanislaw Janowski, President of the Management Board of Telewizja Polsat.

“The cooperation with Telewizja Polsat and the entire Polsat Plus Group and the various current and future synergies resulting from it represent another very important step in the companies' history for 4FUN and naEKRANIE.pl. I believe that together we will achieve much more and much faster, and there is a bright future ahead for the 4FUN channels and naEKRANIE.pl. At this point, I would like to thank the teams of both companies, in fact the 4FUN and naEKRANIE.pl family, for their commitment to reach this important point in the history of both brands,” comments Mateusz Górecki, co-owner and President of 4FUN and naEKRANIE.pl.


naEKRANIE.pl is a pop culture website writing about movies, series, books, comics and games, as well as technology. Each month it attracts at least 2 million visitors to its pages and generates more than 20 million page views.



4FUN.TV has been on the television market since February 14, 2004, so next year it will celebrate its 20th anniversary of broadcasting. It is a music television channel broadcasting entertainment music, for years characterized, in addition to broadcasting music videos, by a very strong interaction with viewers.

4FUN DANCE has been on the television market since September 27, 2011 (it started under the name TV DISCO). This channel features Polish dance music - disco polo and dance.

4FUN KIDS is the youngest child in the 4FUN family - a music, educational and interactive channel for children. It premiered on September 1, 2020.


Last updated 07/21/2023