New EVOBOX PVR set-top box manufactured by Cyfrowy Polsat

15 Jan 2016

Still in January 2016 a new set-to-box for satellite TV with a recording function will be added to the offer of the biggest satellite TV platform in Poland. EVOBOX PVR is the latest and the most advanced device created in Cyfrowy Polsat Group’s factory in Mielec. The STB enables simultaneous recording of programs from three channels and has modern design while its innovative software was developed in cooperation with ADB. EVOBOX PVR will be available to both, new customers and existing subscribers, at prices starting from PLN 49.



New quality of TV

As announced earlier, new software is installed on board the new model of EVOBOX PVR STB which offers integrated and personalized TV. The software has been developed in cooperation with ADB (a company with extensive experience in this field), while the STB’s graphical user interface has been developed while accounting for the needs and requirements of Cyfrowy Polsat’s subscribers.

The advantages of EVOBOX PVR set-top box include:

  • modern, intuitive menu which enables users to navigate smoothly;
  • a built-in 500 GB hard disk which enables recording of many hours of favorite programs;
  • possibility of recording of up to 3 programs simultaneously as well as possibility of stopping the programs, rewinding and replaying them;
  • a built-in Wi-Fi module supporting wireless Internet connection;
  • advanced program search capabilities;
  • a convenient and clear program guide;
  • very fast channel changing;
  • possibility of using online services, e.g. HBO GO, IPLA;
  • totally new design and colors;
  • a new remote control which enables efficient navigation across the channels and the STB’s menu.

EVOBOX PVR is above all characterized by modern, intuitive and clear menu which enables exceptionally smooth navigation across the STB’s options. The menu enables advanced search and filtering of programs (e.g. based on thematic category, title, time of broadcast, etc.), it has a very clear program guide in two versions (table and list view), and it also enables a user to set reminders and learn about recommended programs (e.g. from EPG list, HBO GO Hits, or New VOD items). In addition, thanks to a flexible menu a user can perform the same action in various ways, depending on his/her habits or available options.



“EVOBOX is the latest and the most advanced satellite set-top box available in operators’ offers. We have worked on it for many months to make sure that it answers the needs of even the most demanding viewers and that it also meets the expectations set for devices of this type, while accounting for technological development and market trends,” says Dariusz Działkowski, a Cyfrowy Polsat Board Member responsible for technical matters. “I am positive that the new STB will make use of our offer and TV services even more enjoyable for our customers.”

The strength of EVOBOX PVR, which all users will undoubtedly recognize, is the very fast switching from one channel to another. Other advantages of the STB include a Wi-Fi module (enabling wireless Internet connection with the use of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz technologies) and the possibility of using online services (i.e. HBO GO, IPLA).

Recording for the whole family

What to choose? A favorite show, a sports event, or a family feature film if all of them are shown on different channels at the same time. Soon the subscribers of Cyfrowy Polsat will not have to give up anything! The new EVOBOX PVR, the most advanced technologically dedicated satellite TV STB available in the offers of satellite platforms in Poland, supports recording of even up to three channels simultaneously.

The STB has a 500 GB disk which enables recording of many hours of favorite shows. The PVR (personal video recorder) function offers the possibility of stopping, rewinding and playing back of parts of the program while the innovative software enables several programs to be recorded simultaneously while watching still another show. Fans of TV series will be glad to find the option which enables programming of recording of whole season, with all the episodes being saved to a dedicated directory and available at a convenient time.

Modern black&white design

And that’s not the end of the novelties. Bearing in mind the current interior design trends, Cyfrowy Polsat is making a breakthrough by replacing the stark black color scheme and introducing devices in black&white version. The smooth surface, the geometrical shapes, the minimalistic display and nearly invisible buttons or logo are the advantages of the new devices which will fit in well in both, the traditionally-designed and the modern interiors. The STB comes together with a new, stylish and handy remote control.

The design and the structure of the STB are the workings of the team of Cyfrowy Polsat engineers and specialists. EVOBOX PVR is produced in Cyfrowy Polsat Group’s factory in Mielec. 

EVOBOX PVR at prices starting from as little as PLN 49

The offer which will be available in the sales chain from mid-January can be enjoyed by both, new customers and existing TV service subscribers signing contract extensions. EVOBOX PVR will be available in a bundle with program packages, at prices starting from PLN 49.99 per month, while in the case of the Premium offer, the STB will be provided for PLN 49 only!

With a view to fully exploit all the possibilities and functions of EVOBOX PVR, a special antenna installation, with Unicable digital-to-analog converter, will be available in Cyfrowy Polsat sales network. Thanks to the converter, the satellite signal can be delivered not only to the EVOBOX PVR set-top box but also to as many as two additional STB’s connected thanks to the Multiroom HD service. At each Cyfrowy Polsat point of sale customers will be able to hire a professional who will set up a new installation or modify the existing one so that it meets the requirements of the new equipment. 

Last updated 01/18/2016