Plus and Cyfrowy Polsat are the most Internet-intensive companies in Poland! EXABYTE of data transferred in 2018! Over 73% of Poland’s inhabitants live within the coverage area of LTE Plus Advanced service, while 99% have access to LTE technology

02 Apr 2019

Over a billion gigabytes (GB) were transferred in Cyfrowy Polsat Group’s network in 2018! It’s the first Exabyte of data transferred in a mobile network in Poland, with more than 91% of the data transmission taking place in LTE and LTE Advanced technologies whose coverage footprints extend over a territory inhabited by 99% and 73% of Poland’s population, respectively.

Plus and Cyfrowy Polsat users are the heaviest mobile Internet users in Poland. In 2018 they transferred 965 PB of data, or 28% more than a year earlier, and if roaming traffic and the traffic generated by MVNO’s in Cyfrowy Polsat Group’s network is included, then the figure exceeds one Exabyte (1 EB is 10 to the power of 18, or one billion gigabytes).

Year 2018 was the time of continuous investments in further telecommunication network roll-out. The activities were conducted based on the spectrum from 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 2100 MHz and 2600 MHz frequency bands owned by the Cyfrowy Polsat Group while exploiting spectrum aggregation in these bands. As of EOP 2018 the Group owned over 13.3 thousand eNodeB’s operating in LTE/LTE Advanced technologies at various frequency bands.

Spectrum aggregation, in combination with use of 256 QAM modulation and MIMO4x4, has enabled the operator to provide superior quality services to Plus and Cyfrowy Polsat customers. This has enabled the operator to offer, in some areas of Poland, LTE-Advanced technology supporting maximum transfer rates in excess of 600 Mbps.

These advanced technological solutions were being implemented in Cyfrowy Polsat Group since October 2017. Taking into account the most recent messages that our competitors were sending to the market and to the clients, we can conclude that Plus and Cyfrowy Polsat have been 5G-Super Ready ;) for over a year and a half now.

Last updated 04/02/2019