Free Wi-Fi at Copernicus Science Center (CNK)

17 Nov 2017

A free Wi-Fi service was launched today at the Copernicus Science Center at the initiative of Plus network. The Wi-Fi service can be used both in the Center’s building as well as in the adjacent Park Odkrywców (Discovery Park).

 The Wi-Fi service offered at the premises of Copernicus Science Center is a free service, however access to the Internet is limited to half an hour at a time, after which one can log on again.

nowy_obraz_16_3.png In the Center’s building data is transmitted to the Wi-Fi routers over a Plus fiber-optic link, while in the Discovery Park data is transmitted over Plus LTE network. Yoberi is the contractor and the provider of the Wi-Fi service. Yoberi is also the provider and the manufacturer of wildfish 3.0 system which is responsible for network management and security.

Last updated 11/20/2017