30 million zloty donated by Zygmunt Solorz and Polsat Group to fight the coronavirus pandemics

11 Jul 2020

Zygmunt Solorz and Polsat Group have donated in excess of PLN 30 million in total so far for supporting the society and the health care institutions in their struggle against the coronavirus pandemics. The addressees of the aid included in particular hospitals, doctors, nurses, healthcare personnel as well as children from orphanages.

Since the beginning of the pandemics Zygmunt Solorz and Polsat Group have been responsibly involved in providing aid to numerous social groups. The aid included financial and in-kind support for hospitals and healthcare employees, as well as for children from orphanages. Our support included purchase of protective gear, disinfectants, airing of commercial blocks in Polsat TV and SMS actions (aimed to raise money), or purchase of electronic equipment to support education of children living in foster families and orphanages.


“We are a Polish company and it is natural that we have decided to take action. Polsat Group and Polsat Foundation have been involved in providing aid for nearly 30 years now and during that time we donated as much several hundred million zloty to support the society. Involvement was particularly needed during the pandemics – we donated in excess of PLN 30 million for activities in various areas. We were working shoulder to shoulder with millions of people who devoted their time and resources to support health care institutions. This way we fulfil our social mission. I would like to appeal to everyone to keep in mind that also once the pandemics has ended there will continue to be many people, children or hospitals requiring support,” said Zygmunt Solorz.

Our latest initiatives include donation of ventilators to isolation hospitals as well as a concert for the Silesia region which was organized and aired by Polsat TV.

20 modern ventilators, worth nearly PLN 3 million, is a gift from Plus and Polsat Foundation. Currently the equipment is being delivered to hospitals nationwide.

The Concert for Silesia took place on July 4 and was broadcast by Polsat TV.


Polsat Group to-date activities have addressed such areas as: healthcare and safety, aid to children and the youth, support for the elderly as well as education and information. Most important activities included purchase of 200 thousand coronavirus tests, together with the necessary laboratory equipment, purchase of medical equipment, a dedicated commercial block in Polsat TV as well as donation of 2200 tablets to digitally-excluded children.

Other activities included SMS actions, providing meals for hospital staff, gift packs for children in hospitals from Polsat Media Advertising Office’s employees, a social campaign addressing the issue of support for senior citizens, as well as 3000 daffodils from Fundacja Wolne Miejsce (Empty Seat Foundation) to support the “Easter Breakfast for the Lonely" action.

Educational and informational functions were performed by Polsat News TV channel and Wydarzenia (The News) program, having several editions daily in Polsat’s main channel, as well as by Polsatnews.pl portal and Polsat News mobile app.


Last updated 07/11/2020