Plus and Polsat are changing logotypes

10 Jun 2021

‘At the beginning we had one satellite channel called PolSat. We were the first commercial TV channel. A while later Plus enabled mobile telephone connections. And that is how freedom of using telecommunication services began. Now, almost 20 years later, we offer millions of our viewers and customers a bundle of many services under the Plus and Polsat brands. We enable people to communicate with their families and friends, to work, study and surf the net without limits, where the can enjoy, e.g. entertainment, sports or information and also develop their businesses. They can enjoy the content and emotions that we provide. All this is available anywhere, anytime and on any device,’ says Zygmunt Solorz, founder and major shareholder of Polsat Plus Group.

‘Plus is a brand that offers telecommunication services of the highest quality, including the best 5G in Poland, while Polsat is the most attractive content. Thanks to the integration of telecommunication and content products we provide services ‘For Everyone. Everywhere.’ Each of our services individually constitutes an attractive offer under a strong, solid brand. However, we realize our full potential as a Group by offering bundled services at beneficial prices. And today is an important day – we are opening a new chapter in the Group’s history – we are presenting new logotypes of our most important brands: Plus and Polsat. The new logotypes have been designed in such a way to ensure their clarity and ease of reception by our viewers and customers: on the one hand, making sure that they are visually associated with the Group, and on the other -   that they retain their individual values. Plus is telecommunication and Polsat is content. Also, in our corporate communication we will be using a new name of the Group, a name that underscores this relationship and cooperation – Polsat Plus Group,’ adds Zygmunt Solorz.

Polsat Plus Group – ‘For Everyone. Everywhere’

Today, Polsat Plus Group and its services are present in almost every other household in Poland, Poles use over 18 million internet and telephony services, while its programs are viewed by almost 10 million people daily. These are bundles of the highest quality products and services in the telecommunications segment – under the Plus brand – and the production and distribution of attractive content – under the Polsat brand. For Everyone. Everywhere. And at an attractive price.

‘We are inspired by our customers and their satisfaction. We are inspired by creating and constant development. Already today Plus is developing the network of the future – 5G, the widest and fastest in Poland. A little over a year ago, we have begun the construction of our 5G network and today already 12 million people in Poland can use the new 5G technology that offer transmission speed of up to 600 Mb/s via wireless. We give our customers the freedom to use this fast internet wherever they are. What is more, we will continue to dynamically develop the 5G network and its immense possibilities for our customers. Polsat today is almost 40 television channels offering content in every significant audience group, including the information channel Polsat news or the group of Polsat Sport and Eleven Sports channels. We broadcast over 200 thousand hours of content annually. We have almost 9 million users of our TV services provided though our digital platform, internet television (IPTV, OTT Stream) and applications with on demand content (VOD/Ipla). We provide our content via the internet on any device and at any time – ‘For Everyone. Everywhere,’ says Mirosław Błaszczyk, President of Cyfrowy Polsat and Polkomtel, Plus network operator.

New logotypes from Plus and Polsat reflect a clear vision of the brands

The new branding was designed in such a way to describe clearly the services and products offered by Polsat Plus Group. The new logotypes of the key strategic brands Plus (representing “connectivity”) and Polsat (representing “content”) identify them in a coherent way with the group. They were designed with clarity and the future in mind and they are based on an individual typography, a characteristic graphic element and colors especially designed for the Group. The green color of plus represent, among others, innovation, development and care for the environment and a better life. The yellow color of Polsat is energy, joy and optimism that come from the sun – inseparably linked with Polsat. Thanks to this the brands will be associated in a simple and clear manner with the Group retaining at the same time their unique character and message.

‘The new, coherent logotypes of Plus and Polsat open the path to a better communication of our services and an easier association by customers of those services with us. We aim to expose the value of our brands in a way that is simple and transparent yet expressive, so that viewers and customers know that this is a brand from Polsat Plus Group, that it answers their individual needs, that it is a service of the highest quality and that using it, especially in a bundle, comes at an attractive price. Which is exactly our key, strategic motto: ‘For everyone. Everywhere,’ says Piotr Gaweł, Member of the Management Board of Polkomtel, Plus network operator.

The presented new logotypes initiate evolutionary changes in the portfolio of brands of the Group and the strategy of their communication. This change is going to be gradual and is planned and scheduled to take place in several phases. We will inform of subsequent stages of this project in due course.  


See video – logo transition

Last updated 06/11/2021