June was the best month in the history Channel 6 in terms of market share

07 Jul 2015

The share was 1.6% in the commercial viewer group – it was nearly two times bigger than in June 2014 (YoY growth of 94%). Overall share in viewership reached 1.3%, which means increase by 57% compared to June last year. 

Channel 6 demonstrated even better performance among viewers of digital terrestrial television (DVBT). Mean share in June for the 16-49 age group reached 4.1%, which meant growth by 80% compared to June last year, with the viewership increasing by 2 percentage points year on year, which was the highest growth among terrestrial TV stations. In the  4+ age group the share was nearly 3%, with year-on-year increase by 53%.

Last updated 07/13/2015