More than 20 million people in Poland live within the coverage area of Plus’s 5G network

17 Mar 2023

Plus has been expanding the coverage its 5G network. Access to this fastest 5G network, with nearly 3500 base stations, can be enjoyed by more than 20 million people in nearly 1000 towns and places all over the country.

Already more than 20 million of Poland’s inhabitants can enjoy the 5G technology from Plus which offers maximum supported data downloading speed of up to 600 Mbps. Recently the operator has increased the number of 5G node B’s to nearly 3500. Plus is expanding the 5G network in all regions of Poland. What is important, it is both, the big cities and the smaller towns and places that are covered by 5G network. At present the total number of towns and places with access to 5G network reaches one thousand.

5G from Plus is the fastest in Poland

5G from Plus offers the best data downloading parameters to its users among all mobile Internet access providing networks in Poland. This has been confirmed by independent tests performed by The data download speed in Plus’s 5G network is more than three times higher than the average data download speeds achieved while using LTE technology, and nearly two times higher than the data download speeds in 5G networks of other operators.

5G from Plus offers smooth watching of movies and TV series in best video quality, seamless online gaming experience as well as the possibility of remote work and learning. To be able to enjoy the 5G service, one needs to be within the coverage area of Plus’s 5G network.

Plus’s 5G service in all offers

The advantages of 5G network can be enjoyed by all Plus customers – those using postpaid offers as well as the users of prepaid and Internet access offers. All that is needed is a smartphone or a router which supports the 5G technology.

More than 130 devices supporting the 5G service offered by Plus

Plus’s portfolio includes over 130 devices which offer access to the fastest 5G network. The offer includes smartphones at prices starting from 1000 PLN as well as routers, including a home Internet set with access to 5G. The home router with an outdoor modem will work perfectly in places which are at the limits of 5G network’s coverage, where the signal’s range is restricted due to land topography and other obstacles, such as for example hills or high buildings.

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Last updated 03/17/2023