A new TV offer in Cyfrowy Polsat – even for 6 months for free

14 Feb 2018

Cyfrowy Polsat introduced a modified TV offer today. The operator bets on such items as the popular Rodzinny HD (Family HD) package which includes premium Cinemax HD channels at the price of 20 PLN. Customers will be able to enjoy this offer for free for 6 months, together with additional 28 other channels available as a gift for the duration of the promotion! In addition Cyfrowy Polsat is launching a new Premium MAX Plus offer which includes a wide array of the channels from the platform’s offer, including the TV stations offered in Rozrywka HD (Entertainment HD) package.

Cyfrowy Polsat has come up with a fine proposal which responds to the expectations of these customers who want to enjoy a rich offer of TV channels at affordable prices. In the present offer:

  • Pakiet Rodzinny HD + Cinemax HD, with 86 channels, is available for as little as PLN 20.
  • Sports fans can choose an offer consisting of the following three packages: Rodzinny HD + Cinemax HD + Eleven Sports HD with 89 channels for PLN 30.
  • Both of the above proposals are offered to customers for free for 6 months and in addition they can also enjoy, as a gift, 28 other channels from Pakiet Familijny HD.

As regards the people who value rich entertainment offers, Cyfrowy Polsat has introduced a new Premium MAX Plus offer which includes the following packages: Familijny Max HD, Film HD, Sport HD, Cinemax HD, HBO HD with HBO GO, Eleven Sports HD, Rozrywka HD. All in all it offers access to as many as 183 TV channels which can be watched for free for 3 months following contract signing. Afterwards the monthly access fee will be PLN 120. The fee also includes the ON THE GO option which enables mobile access to over 100 channels as well as access to a rich library of VOD content in Cyfrowy Polsat GO service. Rozrywka HD entertainment package, which includes 6 adult channels, is a new item in the offer.

People who wish to use the premium offer can also choose the Premium MAX package which has already gained viewer recognition. It consists of 177 channels and is also offered for free during the first 3 months and for PLN 100 per month afterwards.

Premium offers can be also accompanied by the following items:

  • An award-winning EVOBOX PVR set-top box, offered at prices starting from PLN 1. The device supports simultaneous recording of even 3 channels while watching still another channel at the same time.
  • Multiroom HD service from PLN 5 monthly – this is a service which enables the same package of channels to be watched on as many as 4 TV sets.

As usual Cyfrowy Polsat’s TV offer means rich choice of channels, access to the most popular TV stations, 40 movie channels and convenient service packages which are tailored to a family’s needs.

Last updated 02/19/2018