Must be the Music rated best weekend talent show for the sixth time this spring

22 Apr 2013

Polsat's Must be the Music is again the top‐rated talent show – last weekend it was watched by 1.5m more viewers than TVN’s Saturday rival, X Factor. Yesterday's episode of Must be the Music y , y p had an audience of 3,40,000. Now, after eight weeks on air, Must be the Music is the unquestionable leader of this season’s weekend talent shows, attracting an average viewership of 3.5m. The first semi‐final of Got to Dance also improved the show's ratings with an audience of 2,160,000 – almost 60,000 more than last week. When Must be the Music was on air, Polsat was the most watched TV station in the 16‐49 age group, with an audience share of 21.42%.

Last updated 10/04/2014