More, faster and in a more stable way! LTE Internet of Plus and Cyfrowy Polsat accelerates to nearly 500 Mb/s!

25 Oct 2017

New technological solutions in Plus network: aggregation of 50 MHz in three bands: 1800 MHz, 2100 MHz and 2600 MHz, launching of 256 QAM modulation and implementation of MIMO 4x4.

Cyfrowy Polsat Group has successfully implemented innovative technological solutions thanks to which the Mobile Internet is even faster and more stable, and the network has a bigger capacity! Białystok is the first Polish city the citizens of which can take advantage of the latest state-of-the-art technologies. It is the place where the first aggregation of bands in three frequencies: 1800 MHz, 2100 MHz and 2600 MHz, of the total bandwidth of 50 MHz, was performed. Furthermore, 256 QAM modulation was launched, which allows for data transfer faster by as many as 33%, and on top of that MIMO 4x4 was implemented in 2600 MHZ band, thanks to which the speed of Internet access in this band has doubled. From now on, the maximum speed of data download in LTE Plus Advanced network is 498 Mb/s.

Cyfrowy Polsat Group has introduced subsequent technological solutions thanks to which the Internet access in LTE technology will become even more attractive and user experience even more pleasant. Białystok is the first city in Poland in which customers can use the novelties. So far, the following elements have been introduced:

  • aggregation in three frequencies of the band of the total width of 50 MHz, which allows for a maximum data transfer speed even up to 375 Mb/s for downlink (LTE Plus Advanced),
  • launching of the 256 QAM modulation thanks to which the data transfer speed on the aggregated bandwidth is by 33% faster, thus increasing the currently available maximum speed of Internet access to 498 Mb/s,
  • implementation of MIMO 4x4 on LTE2600, which doubles the speed of Internet access in this band to 300 Mb/s.

For ordinary network users, the introduced novelties will mean:

  • a higher speed of Internet access, thanks to which they may download files faster, and elimination of the buffering phenomenon when streaming movies or music in the highest resolution;
  • a bigger network capacity which ensures access to the broadband Internet to a bigger group of users and more people may use the Internet simultaneously without deterioration of its quality;
  • more stable connection, which simply means a better quality and higher comfort of Internet usage.

The above described technologies have been implemented first in Białystok, and while this work will be continued, it will focus on a slightly different objective of ensuring bigger network capacity in specific locations, rather than building the coverage.

Last updated 10/26/2017