POLSAT had unmatched proposal for Christmas Eve and Christmas. ”Great Carol Singing with Polsat – Warsaw 2016” and “Home Alone” were the leading items in the Christmas Eve schedule

27 Dec 2016

POLSAT TV definitely ruled on Christmas Eve. On that day one out of every five viewers, on the average, switched to Polsat. In the commercial viewer group POLSAT had a viewership share of 18.4%, leaving competitors behind. Nearly 3 million viewers sat down to their Christmas Eve dinner while listening  to the  most beautiful Polish Christmas carols sang by various Polish artists and televised by POLSAT TV. ”The Great Carol Singing with Polsat – Warsaw 2016” gave the station record audience shares, reaching 29% for all viewers and 28.4% for the commercial group ”Alone Home” is a movie that half of the kids cannot imagine not watching at Christmas. The naughty boy’s adventures was the most watched movie at Christmas time and attracted 4.3 million viewers during Christmas Eve. While the movie was shown, POLSAT was the most willingly watched TV station by both viewer groups, recording excellent audience shares: nearly 36% in the 16-49 age bracket and 31% in the 4+ group. In the case of the children aged 4-12, the share was as much as 45%.

During the three days of Christmas holidays Polsat surpassed its competitors and achieved respective average audience shares of 13.8% in the commercial group and 11.7% in 4+ group, which meant that POLSAT TV was the most favorite station with viewers during Christmas Eve and at Christmas.

fot. Polsat/WBF

Last updated 01/02/2017