Plus promotes active and safe leisure together with lifeguards and mountain rescuers

29 May 2015

The annual Children’s Day with Sopot Lifeguard Team and PLUS Mobile Network („Dzień Dziecka z Sopockim WOPR i siecią PLUS”) will take place this coming Saturday in Sopot. The event is the inauguration of the summer holiday season on the Baltic coast. The visitors will learn how to relax safely at seaside or lakeside, how to provide first aid, as well as how to contact rescue units in emergency situations. Apart from that, there will be numerous attractions, both for children and adults.

Children’s Day with Sopot Lifeguard Team and PLUS Mobile Network is an annual event whose goal is to educate about the rules of safe conduct by the water through fun. The co-organizers of this year’s edition include GOPR (Mountain Rescue Service) as well as Fundacja Sport na Zdrowie (Sports Means Health) and the Sopot Yacht Club. The event is sponsored by Mayor of Sopot. information service

While cooperating with the lifeguards from MOPR (Mazurian Voluntary Lifeguard Service) and WOPR (Nationwide Voluntary Lifeguard Service), Plus launched an information portal at It is an Internet service which is addressed to all those who spend their holidays by the water. It contains all the information connected with safety. is a service which is actively developed in cooperation with lifeguard community. Lifeguards share their knowledge and experience, explain the most important rules of providing first aid and the procedures while seeking assistance in emergency situations. They also provide advice about the precautions to be taken while relaxing by the water.

“RATUNEK" (RESCUE) application

RESCUE application is an  innovative tool  which supports promotion of safe behavior by the water. For nearly a year now the application has been operating in the mountains, while supporting the work of mountain rescuers from GOPR (Mountain Rescue Service) and TOPR (Tatra Mountain Rescue Service). Recently it has been upgraded and now it also supports connections to lifeguards from WOPR and MOPR. In the event of an accident or a hazardous situation which occurred by the water, the application will enable identification of the place from which a distress call came. Location accuracy is 3 meters. 

601100100 and  601100300  are the phone numbers which can save lives by the water and in the mountains 

Plus has been cooperating with WOPR, GOPR and TOPR rescue units for nearly 16 years now. The integrated Rescue System, which supports the dedicated emergency numbers, is one of the products of this cooperation. When you are at the seaside or lakeside, the number to call in emergency situations is 601100100, while in the mountains it is 601100300. 

Last updated 06/01/2015