Polsat Group will implement new, integrated IT environment

19 Jul 2016

As an element of further operational integration of Plus and Cyfrowy Polsat, and also in connection with the pursued strategy of development on the bundled services’ market, Polsat Group will implement a new integrated system supporting sales and customer care as well as a convergent billing system for its products and services. The system will be implemented in cooperation with HUAWEI who will provide the IT systems and who will assume responsibility for the implementation process as the integrator.

The purpose of the implementation is to redefine and standardize the sales processes and the offers across the Polsat Group as well as to provide a single, consistent and effective tool which will enable management of sales and customer relations in all possible spheres. The new approach is based on the omnichannel strategy – a multi-channel approach to sales, customer retention and customer support.

The implemented system will enable even simpler and more effective management of sales, as well as flexible response to dynamic changes on the market. The new system will make launching of new products and services easier and faster. A central catalog of the Group’s services and products will be created, with one consistent and effective common sales solution for all customer contact channels.

Thanks to the new solution, the customers will get access to full and comprehensive information on the Group’s offer at each point of contact as well as freedom and flexibility of navigation across and selection of the sales channel they find most convenient. The Group, in turn, will obtain the possibility of fulfillment of its goals and satisfaction of customer needs, including in the field of access to full, direct information, shorter customer service times as well as facilitation of the product and service purchase process, which should result in improved sales efficiency.

The project will be implemented in cooperation with HUAWEI who acts as the main integrator of the system and who is responsible for effecting the implementation. IT architecture will be simplified and made more flexible, which will lead to reduction of the time and the cost of new business implementations.

”The new, comprehensive IT solution will offer substantial support to the Group’s successful strategy in the area of integrated services while at the same time offering tangible business benefits to us. Project implementation will continue for two years while the costs have been distributed throughout the entire duration of the implementation process and have been included in the Group’s investment plans which were communicated earlier and which assume capital expenditures at a level not exceeding 10% of the Group’s revenue,” says Jacek Felczykowski,  Polkomtel’s Management Board Member responsible for technical and IT areas. ”Potential savings from replacement of the existing systems by the new solution will be visible once the implementation is completed”.

The applied solution will contribute to further growth of joint sale of numerous services offered by the Group’s companies and it will enable flexible response to the changes occurring on the market as well as the possibility of offering increasingly innovative products related to various spheres of life, along with their bundled sales.


Last updated 07/19/2016