LTE in Cyfrowy Polsat without data limit and with the maximum speed at the price of the subscription fee

02 Sep 2015

The new Power LTE offer means above all bigger data packs. Customers of Cyfrowy Polsat may select one of four data packs – from 20 GB at the price of PLN 39.99 to 90 GB for PLN 99.99. Thanks to the smartDOM discount program, the new offer will be available already from PLN 35 monthly for a 40 GB data pack with LTE without any data limits within the price of the subscription fee during the entire term of the agreement.

Customers who previously used the services of another operator and now buy Internet access from Cyfrowy Polsat will receive as many as 6 months without any fee for a start. Whereas people who decide to purchase the offer online, will receive an additional 10 GB as a gift and 3 months without any fees.

Furthermore, the LTE offer without data limit will change for the better. Together with the 40 GB data pack at the price of PLN 59.99 per month or PLN 35 per month with the smartDOM discount, the customer will receive unlimited LTE and the maximum available speed within the price of the subscription fee. This proposal will be ideally supplemented with a range of state-of-the-art devices which can be found in the operator’s offer: LTE Home Internet sets, modems supporting HSPA+ and LTE technologies, mobile routers offering transfer rates up to 150 Mb/s.

In Cyfrowy Polsat’s new offer, LTE Home Internet will be available at a very favorable price – for a set consisting of an external LTE modem and Wi-Fi router the customer will pay only PLN 1 and obtain wireless Internet access of much bigger coverage and signal strength. With this set the customer may select one of the data packs at the price from PLN 35 for a 40 GB data pack to PLN 75 for 90 GB data pack in the smartDOM program.

Last updated 09/07/2015