Plus with the fastest Internet According to the mobile services

27 Jan 2016

According to the mobile services quality report, commissioned by the Office of Electronic Communication (UKE), Plus offers the fastest mobile data transmission services.

A comparative survey of the quality of telecommunication services offered by telecommunication operators was carried out last December by an external firm selected in a tender by UKE. Several dozen thousand various tests were performed using SIM cards of Orange, Play, Plus and T-Mobile. The measurements where performed nationwide, with 83% of them carried out while the terminals were in motion.

According to the report published on January 22, Plus’s mean download rate was 25.19 Mbps. The result was two times higher than the one achieved by Play and 25% better than T-Mobile’s or Orange’s. The results of download transfer rates achieved by T-Mobile and Orange were respectively 20.64 Mbps and 19.66 Mbps, with Play achieving 12.43 Mbps. Plus also achieved the highest upload transfer rate – 17.71 Mbps. In the case of the remaining operators, the results were: T-Mobile – 16.87 Mbps, Orange – 15.85 Mbps and Play – 12.60 Mbps.

The surveys also confirmed, indirectly, that Plus had the widest LTE network coverage in Poland. During 94% of the duration of the tests in Plus network data transmission was effected in LTE technology. In the case of other operators, the figures were respectively 83% for Play and 78% for T-Mobile and Orange. Also, on the roads which connect cities Plus demonstrated the best parameters in this category, with data transmission in LTE network accounting for 83% of the total time of the test. In the case of Play LTE network was active during 52% of the time, while the result for Orange and T-Mobile was 38%.

Last updated 02/01/2016