Choose everything for yourself – Polsat Plus Group starts changing its brands Cyfrowy Polsat will evolve into a new Polsat Box brand

29 Jul 2021

Change of Polsat Plus Group’s logos, that was announced in June, has just commenced. Polsat and Plus brands will have new logos while Cyfrowy Polsat brand will  change to the new Polsat Box brand. Ipla and Cyfrowy Polsat Go will evolve into a single service called Polsat Box Go. A new service called Polsat Go, offering Polsat TV content, will be created- All the main brand logos will be consistent so that customers and viewers will readily identify them as Polsat Plus Group’s brands. What unites all the brands is the possibilities they offer to each and every customer and viewer, i.e. the possibility of choosing attractively priced services, products and content that match one’s individual needs in any way one likes and at the time and place of one’s convenience. Strategic harmonization of the brands is taking place in the visual and communication spheres. The changes will be implemented over the next few weeks so that customers and viewers can easily get accustomed to them.


Plus connects people thanks to offering access to the latest communication technologies and the best 5G Internet in Poland. Polsat, in turn, means biggest thrills, best content and productions – entertainment, sports, movies, TV series and shows. Polsat Box means the possibility of choosing content and the way of accessing it – everyone will be able to choose the desired content  anywhere they are as well as to choose when, where, with whom and in what manner they wish to enjoy it. Polsat Box Go means access to content over the Internet – more than 100 TV channels, thousands of hours of films, TV series, sports and superb entertainment. Polsat Go is a service which will offer free online access to exclusive TV Polsat content.

Strategic harmonization of the brands is taking place in the visual and communication spheres – all the logos come from the same family and are similar to each other. ”Wybierz swoje wszystko” (Choose everything for yourself) slogan as well as the characteristic graphical themes used by respective brands are common to all brands and consistent.

Polsat Box is a new brand which will replace Cyfrowy Polsat brand. Polsat Box Go is a paid service and an online application which will replace Cyfrowy Polsat GO and Ipla. Polsat Go is a new free service and application offering TV Polsat content only.

The whole process of change of brands and logos will take place during the next few weeks. We will be keeping our customers and viewers informed of the changes, their timing and their meaning.

Information about providers of services

Cyfrowy Polsat S.A. will continue to be the provider of the services offered by  Polsat Box and Polsat Box Go, which will replace Cyfrowy Polsat, Ipla and CP GO brands. Plus is the brand of Polkomtel Sp. z o.o., while Polsat and Polsat Go are the brands of Telewizja Polsat Sp. z o.o.

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