”Safe Winter with GOPR mountain rescue units”

11 Jan 2017


Just like in previous years, also this year popular skiing resorts will be hosting a series of events called “Safe Winter with GOPR.” The events will be taking place on weekends in January and February. Coverage from these events can be watched during the morning show “Nowy Dzień z Polsat News” (A New Day with Polsat News) on Polsat and Polsat News TV channels. The partners of this year’s action, which promotes safe leisure in the mountains, include Plus, Cyfrowy Polsat and insurance company PZU.

The goal of the action is to promote active outdoor leisure and the rules to be observed at skiing slopes. The action also informs of possible hazards and teaches tourists how to stay safe in the mountains.

When on holidays in the mountains, one should remember the 601100300 emergency number. It is a dedicated emergency number which operates across all mountain ranges in Poland and is an element of the Integrated Rescue System that is operated by GOPR and TOPR rescuers. The Integrated Rescue System was developed thanks to the cooperation between the rescue units and Plus mobile network who has been cooperating with the mountain rescuers for over a dozen years as a technology partner. The mobile application “RATUNEK” (RESCUE), developed through cooperation between GOPR, Plus network and Paga Solutions, is a solution which also promotes safe leisure in the mountains.


Last updated 01/16/2017