Cyfrowy Polsat’s new HD 5500s satellite set-top box

13 Oct 2014


Cyfrowy Polsat’s product range now includes a new set-top box for the reception of digital satellite TV services in the HD format– a functional HD 5500s model, with a new faster CPU, an intuitive user interface, advanced energy efficiency features, and touch controls. The new model was developed at the Cyfrowy Polsat’s plant, where more than six million set-top boxes have rolled down the production line since it was launched. One of our recent models, HD 6000, was distinguished at this year’s SAT Krak trade fair with the SAT Kurier Awards 2014 statuette in the ‘Best Polish Satellite TV Product’ category.

At the very heart of the HD 5500s model you will find a state-of-the-art Linux-based CPU, which, combined with a 2 Gbit DDR3 RAM, guarantees both fast and efficient performance and better image quality. The new set-top box will support reception of highest-quality sound in the Dolby Digital Plus technology. It also offers a brand-new user-friendly interface enabling an intuitive and trouble-free control of the device. After connecting the set-top box to the Internet, the user will gain access to the largest IPLA online TV library and to the HBO GO service.

The HD5500s model is based on functionality, ergonomics, and modern-day design features:

  • traditional push buttons were replaced with touch controls responding to the lightest touch, which significantly improves the comfort of daily use,
  • the front panel has a LED display showing the selected channel number, or the time in the standby mode,
  • the set-top box has two USB ports, including one on the front panel, which makes it easier to connect an external hard drive without moving the device,
  • to protect the natural environment, our new set-top box comes with an Eco mode, which includes advanced energy efficiency functions. The device will automatically switch to the standby mode if no buttons on the remote control or no controls on the front panel are touched for three or six hours,
  • the HD 5500s set-top box comes with a new remote control with upgraded functionalities.

HD 5500s is available at the price of PLN 1 with the Familijny HD package, which offers a variety of 77 thematic channels for the entire family, including 12 in the HD format.

Cyfrowy Polsat, as the only operator in Poland and one of the few operators worldwide, has its own set-top box production facility. Within 7 years, 13 different models and 6 million items in total have rolled down its production lines. Currently, for Cyfrowy Polsat the facility produces HD devices only, including a PVR model with a hard drive. It also provides services to other operators looking for state-of-the-art and functional solutions at affordable prices.

At this year’s SAT Krak 2014 satellite TV trade fair and the SAT Kurier Awards 2014 gala, Cyfrowy Polsat’s HD 6000 set-top box was awarded in the ‘Best Polish Satellite TV Product’ category. For several years now, representatives of the trade fair and SAT Kurier magazine have put a spotlight on the best products and services offered on the digital TV market.

Cyfrowy Polsat’s proprietary HD set-top boxes are now used by 85% of the satellite TV platform subscribers. The Group provides 4.3 million pay TV services to its contract subscribers.

Last updated 10/28/2014