Wind Mobile will provide Plus with a new generation voice mail

26 Aug 2015

Wind Mobile and Polkomtel Sp. z o.o. signed a letter of intent regarding the provision of an innovative voice mail platform and new voice services to Plus network.

As part of the cooperation Wind Mobile will provide Polkomtel with a new generation voice mail platform, which will allow to realize voice services that optimize and enhance the quality of customer service, both in the segment of individual subscribers as well as business customers. The new platform will allow Plus customers to activate services that constitute an interesting alternative for people who wish to remain in permanent contact. These services include, among others, access to voice mail through a mobile application, the possibility to send voice recordings via MMS or the option to automatically send an alert via short text message, the content of which can be chosen during the connection with the unavailable recipient’s voice mail.

Cooperation with respect to the above will be executed in the Revenue Share model, which assumes tight cooperation of both sides on terms of product development and management of specific services.

Last updated 08/31/2015