Novelty in Cyfrowy Polsat! Cable IPTV and a new EVOBOX IP set-top box! Over 150 channels, flexible use of content, service packages starting from PLN 20

25 Mar 2019

Cyfrowy Polsat introduces a new service – Cable TV in IPTV technology, thanks to which viewers will be able to watch TV channels over the fixed broadband Internet, that is without a need to install a satellite antenna. The service is accompanied by a dedicated, new EVOBOX IP set-top box – a device which is a part of the appreciated by customers and award-wining EVOBOX series manufactured in InterPhone Service belonging to Cyfrowy Polsat Group. EVOBOX IP ensures access on the TV set to over 150 TV channels and is equipped with state-of-the-art features, including reStart or CatchUP, thus enabling the subscriber to use the television on his/her own terms.

The new service will be available with subscription under the same package offering as on Cyfrowy Polsat satellite platform and will ensure access to the rich content offer of this platform, giving the customers a possibility to choose an optimum technology of TV signal delivery – via satellite or cable in IPTV technology. Thanks to this, everyone will be able to adapt the television services provided by Cyfrowy Polsat to the home infrastructure or local conditions. To use the new solution, the customer will need a new EVOBOX IP set-top box and the fixed broadband Internet access from the operators of Plus, Netia or Orange networks with a minimum downlink speed of 8 Mbps (per one set-top box).

“Introduction of a new offer based on the IPTV technology is another stage of development of our Group as well as our response to the ever changing needs and expectations of our customers who will now be able to decide which method of delivery of the television content – via satellite or IPTV – is most convenient to them. Since December last year, Plus network has offered the fixed Internet access based on the Netia’s infrastructure, which is an ideal tool to be combined with the new TV service from Cyfrowy Polsat”, says Maciej Stec, a Management Board Member of Cyfrowy Polsat S.A. and Telewizja Polsat Sp. z o.o.


Fast forward, pause, rewind or restart from the beginning

Thanks to the new service and the extended features of the EVOBOX IP set-top box, the customer will receive access to functions which will enable him to watch TV on his own terms:

  • restart – the function which makes it possible to watch the selected programs from linear TV channels from the beginning, which means that you do not need to worry about being late for your favorite TV series, movie or an entertainment show;
  • TimeShift – it allows subscribers to pause and rewind  the selected programs up to 3 hours and makes it possible to watch again a selected scene or a fragment of the match, after you had to interrupt watching due to any reason;
  • CatchUP – it allows for watching selected programs even up to 7 days back from the date of their original broadcast, without any additional fees and without any need to record them!

Furthermore, EVOBOX IP set-top box:

  • can be connected to the Internet both via the network cable and in the wireless mode – the set-top boxed has an integrated Wi-Fi module;
  • offers very fast channel switching, menu navigation and selection of all functions;
  • has the pre-installed software delivered by ADB which is already working very well on EVOBOX PVR and EVOBOX HD set-top boxes, and in the case of a new set-top box it will ensure, among others:

- intuitive and simple operation;
- rich and readable TV Guide with fast access to CatchUP feature, and an option of alphabetic filtering of content and a possibility of advanced search for programs as well as setting of reminders;
- a possibility to create a list of your favorite channels,
- a possibility to replay multimedia files from USB drive or DLNA servers in the local network (LAN),

  • thanks to Cyfrowy Polsat GO and HBO GO online services, it allows users to watch thousands of movies, TV services and on-demand programs – whenever the viewer decides to, also before their broadcasting in TV;
  • it is equipped with the convenient, automatic function of authentication of the Multiroom HD service in the local home network– thanks to the Multiroom HD option, the programming offer may be used on even up to 4 TV sets simultaneously;
  • it is a small device (12.2x11.5x2,8 cm) with modern, minimalist design which makes it look good in any interior.

EVOBOX IP is the first device in the offer of Cyfrowy Polsat which will enable the reception of TV channels via the Internet in the closed telecommunication network. For a few years already our set-top boxes has combined the satellite reception of TV channels with the Internet access to VoD content. Now, we are going to make another step and introduce the service fully based on the IPTV technology. This is a next stage of execution of our long-term strategy the goal of which is to provide our customers with free and flexible access to content that they like and expect, regardless of the technology of their delivery. Furthermore, along with the set-top box we offer our subscribers a set of interesting, state-of-the-art features thanks to which they will be able to personalize TV watching experience even more”, says  Dariusz Działkowski, a Management Board Member of Cyfrowy Polsat S.A. and Telewizja Polsat Sp. z o.o.

Flexible programming offer

Cable IPTV of Cyfrowy Polsat offers the same packages as in the satellite TV offer of the operator and includes well-known, most popular sport, film, entertainment, education, news, kids channels and many more, combined in convenient packages adjusted to the needs of the entire family.


Cable IPTV in Cyfrowy Polsat:

  • various offers priced from PLN 20, including even more than 150 TV channels, out of which 90 HD channels;
  • packages with premium channels: HBO, Eleven Sports or Polsat Sport Premium with UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League matches;
  • access to Cyfrowy Polsat GO service without any additional fees on 3 devices simultaneously – more than 100 mobile channels and thousands of on-demand items;
  • Multiroom service for PLN 5 per month;
  • a possibility to combine this offer under the smartDOM Program with other services provided by Cyfrowy Polsat and Plus network, benefitting from the discount of PLN 10 per month. A set of services – fiber-optic Internet access from Plus and Cable IPTV of Cyfrowy Polsat - is available from PLN 70 per month, including the smartDOM discount;
  • a possibility to try the offer for 14 days and a possible withdrawal from the agreement without any consequences under the “TV trial” promotion;
  • a new EVOBOX IP set-top box is available with the offers of the Cable IPTV at the price starting from PLN 1 – at the Points of Sale across Poland, on the website and via the Customer Service Call Center.


EVOBOX IP is a third set-top box introduced by Cyfrowy Polsat to the market in the recent months, the fourth device of EVOBOX series (after EVOBOX PVR, HD and LITE) and another model manufactured, similarly to numerous models from the last few years, at InterPhone Service plant in Mielec which is a part of Cyfrowy Polsat Group. This plant has already introduced a few million devices to the market which have a great reputation and are praised by customers.

It is planned to air commercial spots under the advertising campaign promoting availability of the set including fiber-optic Internet access and Cable IPTV within smartDOM program - among others in Polsat, TVN and thematic channels of Polsat TV, as well as in national and regional radio stations. Furthermore, online activities were also targeted, including among others, horizontal, sport services and social media. The commercial spot has been directed by Piotr Kumik. TFP Product House has produced the spot and Televisor has performed the post-production. Vizeum media house is responsible for the purchase of media.

Visualization of EVOBOX IP set-top box:

Advertising spot:

Last updated 03/26/2019