Plus leads in mobile number portability in the third quarter of 2020

05 Oct 2020

For the seventh quarter in a row Plus has maintained the leader spot in mobile number porting among the four biggest infrastructural operators According to the latest report published by the Office of Electronic Communications, (in Q3 2020 the operator once again posted the best MNP balance while at the same time giving away the smallest number of MSISDNs among the four biggest telecoms. Premium Mobile achieved the best result among the virtual network operators.

As the third quarter of the year ended, the Office of Electronic Communications published the data on the number of phone numbers (acquired and lost by operators over the past three months 89,224 MSISDNs were ported in to Plus during the period, with the number of MSISDNs ported out being 65,135 the smallest number among the infrastructural operators, which confirms the high loyalty of Plus users. The positive MNP balance of 24,089 phone numbers is not only the best result for the past three months but also the best year to date result among all telecom operators in Poland.

The remaining three major competitors posted lower results Orange, the only operator with a positive balance apart from Plus, gained 13,409 phone numbers. The other two operators, namely T Mobile and Play, recorded negative balances of 12,941 and 68,649 respectively.

As regards the MVNOs, Premium Mobile could boast of the best result. During the past three months it gained 20,653 MSISDNs while losing 5,291 and ended the quarter with a positive balance of 15,362 ported in phone numbers.

Last updated 10/12/2020