New release of the smartDOM program

19 May 2015

In the new smartDOM offer a customer may put together an exceptionally attractive set of six services, which includes satellite TV with channels for the whole family, superfast Internet access operating in the largest LTE network in Poland whose coverage extends over an area inhabited by 90% Poles as well as four voice activations with unlimited voice calls, short text messages and MMS to all networks.

The first service (TV, Internet access or mobile voice service) chosen by the custoemr will be charged at full price, while the customer will be offered a discount of even up to 50% for the remaining services. The further three voice activations will offered to the customer with a discount of PLN 10 each.

All the discounts will remain valid throughout the period of use of the services purchased from Plus and Cyfrowy Polsat rather than only during the basic validity of the contract (the obligatory contract period). In addition the customer will be offered all the benefits granted in the basic promotion for a given product, including first months with no monthly access fee charged for the service, additional discount for porting-in a number to Plus, or the possibility of trying the additional service for free.

The latest version of smartDOM offer provides for simplified and standardized rules related, e.g. to minimum value of the subscription fee which entitles a customer to enjoy the program, the possibilities combining the discounts offered under various promotions.

Last updated 05/25/2015