Plus conducted tests of LTE-Advanced with the speed of 300 Mb/s

06 Nov 2014

As the first operator in Poland, Plus successfully conducted tests of data transfer with the speed of 300 Mb/s. They were conducted using the LTE-Advanced technology thanks to the aggregation of bands in two frequency spectrums – 1800 and 2600 MHz. The tests were implemented in cooperation with Ericsson and used the LTE-Advanced Carrier Aggregation software.

Successful LTE-Advanced tests and the achieved data transfer speeds constitute the next step in the development of technology, of which Plus and Cyfrowy Polsat are pioneers in Poland. LTE-Advanced means not only higher transfer speed but also greater capacity of the LTE network, which will allow to provide broadband Internet access to a larger group of users under conditions of increased network load.

The tests in the 1800 and 2600 MHz bands are not only a demonstration of hypothetical technological possibilities. From among many possible solutions based on band aggregation, Plus tested the one, that can be offered on equipment already available in the operator’s stores and offer.

Last updated 11/10/2014