Plus and Cyfrowy Polsat: Over 90% of Poland’s population lives within the coverage footprint of the superfast LTE Internet access service

24 Mar 2015

The customers of Plus and Cyfrowy Polsat will be the first in Poland to enjoy LTE Internet access offered in 800 MHz bandwidth. Thanks to more than 1000 new base stations which have been put on air by Midas Group in the process of LTE800 network roll out, over 90% of Poles live within the coverage footprint of LTE Internet service offered by Plus and Cyfrowy Polsat.

The fastest mobile LTE Internet access service, offered by Plus and Cyfrowy Polsat, already covers an area inhabited by over 90% of Poles. Customers have gained the possibility of using a network which operates in the new 800 MHz frequency band, thanks to which broadband Internet access will now be available not only to the inhabitants of big cities but also to those living outside these cities. This means that that it will be also the inhabitants of smaller towns as well as villages who will be able to enjoy the most modern mobile Internet access technology.

Due to population density and the high number of people living in small towns and places, Poland is a country where mobile technology is the only real solution for ensuring efficient Internet access. The 800 MHz frequency band offers an ideal tool for ensuring nationwide coverage and broadband Internet access for all of the country’s inhabitants.

The potential of the 800 MHz frequency band can be exploited fully by creating one LTE800 network. An intermediate stage en route  to such a target is the roll out of two equivalent networks, each with 15 MHz of bandwidth. Polkomtel is open to the cooperation with all the parties who will hold spectrum from the 800 MHz bandwidth following the auction. Thanks to such cooperation, the present network of Midas Group, which operates using 5 MHz of spectrum in the 800 MHz band, will be able to enhance its quality and ensure the best possible service to end customers.

LTE800 MHz network is being rolled out by Midas Group who has announced that while bearing in mind the most optimum LTE800 network coverage it can build and put on-air over 5000 stations in total.

Last updated 03/25/2015