New bonuses from Plus network and Cyfrowy Polsat within the # zostanwdomu stayathome action

19 Mar 2020

As part of zostanwdomu stayathome social action, Polsat Group offers further bonuses encouraging people to stay home The operator of Plus network is increasing, free of charge, the data transfer rates offered in its fixed line Internet access service and stops billing mobile Internet users for data transmission when accessing TIDAL music service In addition, Plus customers who have so far not used TIDAL may now enjoy access to the service for free for 90 days.
The following bonuses are offered by Plus and Cyfrowy Polsat as part of zostanwdomu action:

  • Fixed line Internet access using HFC, ETTH, PON technologies will be accelerated to a maximum speed of even as much as 1 Gbps. 
  • No charges will be billed for data transmission for the users of TIDAL music service. 
  • Two channels will be added to IPLA Plus package for the customers of Plus network and Cyfrowy Polsat, namely Disney Channel and FOX. 
  • Additional channels will be offered as an element of the “open window” policy for the subscribers using DTH satellite TV and IPTV cable TV from Cyfrowy Polsat. 

Starting from March 20 customers using Plus’s fixed line Internet access, offered in HFC, ETTH, PON technologies, may enjoy maximum data transfer rates offered by the service regardless of the offer they have The maximum data speed, permitted by the available technology, will be as much as 1 Gbps The bonus is offered for 30 days.

One can do it manually, by resetting the device, or wait for the automatic update Customers enjoying higher data speeds in connection with Plus Światłowód (Plus Fiber optic) service will be advised of the upgrade of parameters by e mail.

The operator also prepared a special offer for music fans using TIDAL Listening to favorite songs via TIDAL will not be consuming users’ data bundles The bonus will offered from March 20 for 30 days for the time being As part of zostanwdomu action, TIDAL prepared a new module of its application called "W domu ""(“At home”) The module includes, in one location, the playlists for various home activities, such as remote work, playing with children or training Additionally, the people who would like to start using TIDAL via Plus are offered the opportunity of enjoying access to the service for free for 90 days Once the free period has ended, the service will cost PLN 19 99 per 30 days, however a relevant notification will be sent to a user by SMS two days before the end of the free period
The promotion is addressed to customers using prepaid, MIX and postpaid offers. 

In addition for more than a week now all Plus and Cyfrowy Polsat customers, who have been using IPLA Plus package for free, have been offered access to two additional channels In its standard version IPLA Plus package includes five channels Polsat News HD, Polsat News 2 Polsat Play HD, Superstacja and Polsat Cafe HD Two further channels have been added in connection with zostanwdomu action, namely Disney Channel for kids and FOX channel for older audiences Similarly as in the case of TIDAL, no fees for data transmission are charged for using IPLA via Plus network. As regards the subscribers of satellite and cable TV services using IPTV technology offered by Cyfrowy Polsat, starting from the Mini HD package up customers may watch additional channels as part of the “open window” offer, i e Polsat Comedy Central Extra, FOX HD and Disney Channel Sundance TV, Paramount Channel HD, AXN and AXN HD are available in the “open window” to the subscribers starting from Rodzinny HD package, Epic Drama is available from Familijny HD package up, while AXN Black, AXN White and AXN Spin are available starting from Familijny Max HD package. 

“By adding new bonus elements to our offer without charging additional fees, we are supporting zostanwdomu action We hope that the additions to our offer will not only translate into improved comfort of going about one’s daily activities, such as remote work or virtual classes, but will also offer access to diverse forms of multimedia entertainment, making one’s leisure time pleasant We continuously work on new solutions which will make it easier for our customers to cope with the new reality,” explains Piotr Szymanowski Deputy Director of Marketing Strategy Department at Cyfrowy Polsat and Polkomtel.

Further decisions regarding extension of the current offer and introduction of new bonuses will depend on the development of epidemiological situation in the country.

Last updated 03/23/2020