Switch your electricity over to Plus!

26 Jan 2015


A new release of Plus’s electrical power supply offer for households is taking off on January 27. Electricity from Plus is a guarantee of fixed, attractive pricing throughout the contract’s validity period, no forecasts or hidden charges and a simple and transparent invoice. The new offer will be supported by a nationwide advertising campaign: “Switch your electricity over to Plus!”

Plus’s offer is characterized by a lack of trading fees and a low rate per kWh. Existing Plus, Cyfrowy Polsat and PlusBank customers are offered the lowest price on the market. Customers can choose from among two electricity sales models which are innovative on Polish market, i.e. ”Energia na abonament,” (”Energy subscription”) that is a fixed monthly fee-based model, and ”Energia bez prognoz,” (“Energy without forecasts”) where a customer pays on the basis of regular meter readings, rather than based on usage forecasts.

Last updated 02/02/2015