ZE PAK and Ørsted jointly apply for locations for farms in the Baltic Sea

24 Mar 2022

ZE PAK, one of the leaders of energy transition in Poland and Ørsted, a global leader in offshore energy, submitted first applications for granting location permits for the construction of wind farms on the Baltic Sea. Next applications will be submitted soon. Thanks to joining forces, PAK and Ørsted will be able to quickly and effectively build farms and deliver pure and green energy to Polish homes and companies.


“Our joint project assumes quick and effective construction of offshore wind farms. When we receive location permits we will produce and deliver to Poles cheap and clean energy. Obtaining of location permits and construction of farms on the Baltic Sea is one of the key elements of our transition. Wind is our national treasure and we have its unlimited resources on the Baltic Sea. Taking advantage of this potential is, among others, one of the methods to ensure Poland’s independence from the import of energy raw materials, including from the East”, said Piotr Woźny, President of the Management Board of ZE PAK.

First applications submitted by ZE PAK and Ørsted concern areas marked as 60.E.3 and 43.E.1., which cover 143km² and 118km² of surface, respectively. Both partners try to secure the location together – as a joint venture company with 50% share of each party. The consortium will apply for granting a few offshore areas for wind farms.

“ZE PAK and Ørsted play as a team. Based on local and global experience we would like to build a big scale of production of clean energy from the Baltic wind, in order to support the green transformation of Poland which includes ZE PAK’s move from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources by 2030. Thanks to extension of the scale of operations in Poland, we would be able to get involved even stronger into development of the Polish economy, among others through execution of infrastructure investment, creating new places of work, as well as training of miners as a part of qualified workforce which will be the key for driving the energy transition”, says Rasmus Errboe, Senior Vice President of Ørsted and the Head of Continental Europe at Ørsted.

Joint initiatives of ZE PAK and Ørsted include establishing the Fair Transformation Fund for Wielkopolska Wschodnia with the budget of EUR 10 million (ca. PLN 50 million). The money will be spent, among others, on the development of workplaces in the region which is particularly exposed to economic and social effects of resigning from coal and development of green innovation.

“Building of wind farms is one of the pillars of green transformation of ZE PAK and the entire Poland. Electricity produced by one turbine (12 MW) may supply energy to over 23 thousand Polish houses during a year on average. And one windfarm has even a few dozen turbines. What is more, thanks to the work of one turbine we avoid over 50 thousand tonnes of emission of greenhouse gases. Thanks to the production from the wind farm of 1 GW capacity we will reduce the emission by over 3 million tonnes per year – this is equivalent to emission caused by 1.5 million cars”, added Piotr Woźny, President of the Management Board of ZE PAK.

Last updated 03/28/2022