12 million inhabitants of Poland within the coverage of Plus’s 5G network

22 Apr 2021

The best and the fastest 5G network in Poland, operated by Plus, already covers a territory inhabited by 12 million people. Plus’s 5G network, which operates using the 2600 MHz TDD frequency band, is now present in over 160 towns and places in all 16 provinces. Dynamic network roll out will continue across Poland.

In response to the growing interest from customers, both in the possibilities offered by this state-of-the-art technology as well as in 5G smartphones, Plus has accelerated the roll-out of its network. This first in Poland, commercially-available 5G network was launched less than a year ago. In November 2020, half a year after the launch, as many as 7 million people in Poland lived within the reach of the most advanced  mobile Internet access service provided by Plus. Today Plus’s 5G network covers an area which is inhabited by more than 12 million people ,while the intensive development of this best-in-class and most rapidly growing 5G network in Poland continues.

“We see the growing interest in our 5Gservice, with more and more people using it. Thus we have decided to accelerate network roll-out and we reached our roll-out target for this year, with a surplus, already in April. At present more than 12 million inhabitants of Poland live within the network’s coverage footprint, with the number expected to grow further as, putting it bluntly, we keep on building and developing our 5G network,”  said Jacek Felczykowski, a Management Board Member of Cyfrowy Polsat and Polkomtel, the operator of Plus network.

Plus has not only accelerated the implementation of its existing 5G network roll-out plan but it is also involved in intensive work on further development of the network. 5G coverage will be successively enhanced in the places where the 5G network already operates and it will also reach new locations.

As 5G network coverage expands, Plus also extends the portfolio of the equipment offered. At present the offer includes more than 20 5G smartphones and routers. Soon further attractively-priced new 5G smartphones from leading global manufacturers will be added to the offer.

More Poles within the coverage of the fastest 5G network in Poland

The operator’s plan for this year  assumed extending the network’s coverage to an area inhabited by more than 11 million people. Efficient 5G network roll out has enabled the company to accomplish a vast part of its goals already in the early months of 2021. Thus the total number of 5G base stations operated by Plus exceeded 1500, with the network already reaching as many as 12 million people living in over 160 towns and places all over Poland.

New node B’s have been put on air also in these cities in which 5G services were already present earlier.

For current coverage of Plus 5G network visit: https://www.plus.pl/mapa-zasiegu

Last updated 04/22/2021