Plus and Cyfrowy Polsat introduce the Home Internet 300 Set The new set supports LTE-Advanced technology and offers data transfer rates of up to 300 Mbps

19 Jan 2018

The Home Internet 300 is expected to be added to Plus and Cyfrowy Polsat’s offer in the next few days. It is the latest generation solution and the next step in the development of this unique product which has been successfully offered by Cyfrowy Polsat Group on the Polish market since 2014. The solution offers high speed LTE Internet access in the locations where other solutions do not work well. The new Home Internet 300 Set supports LTE-Advanced data transmission technology and enables data to be downloaded at the rates of up to 300 mbps.

The Home Internet 300 Set is a unique solution which comprises an LTE (ODU-300) outdoor modem and Wi-Fi router (IDU-300). The offered equipment works particularly well in the areas characterized by difficult terrain conditions or where the signal is obstructed by neighboring building structures, as well as on the edges of the network coverage area and in all those places where fixed-line Internet access is not available, both in blocks of flats as well as in detached houses. It is the first device of this type on the Polish market which supports data download rate of up to 300 Mbps.

The latest version of the ODU/IDU-300 Home Internet Set introduces numerous improvements compared to its predecessor, the ODU/IDU-200:

  • The ODU-300 outdoor modem is a category 6 LTE modem which supports band aggregation, thus enabling a user to enjoy the latest LTE-Advanced technology which is faster and more effective, and which offers data speeds of up to 300 Mbps;
  • The device supports more frequency bands: LTE FDD 800, 900, 1800, 2600 and LTE TDD 2600 MHz;
  • It has two antenna sockets, thanks to which an additional outdoor antenna can be connected to boost the signal;
  • The newer Wi-Fi ac (IDU-300) router enables faster data transmission within the local network.


How does the Home Internet 300 Set work?

The Home Internet 300 Set is an ideal solution for atypical locations, with poor availability of Internet access and weak Internet signal, as well as for all those places where Internet access via cable is not available. The LTE modem is mounted outside the building, which enables the power of the signal to be improved by eliminating the effect of signal attenuation by the building’s walls and other structural elements, thus enhancing the coverage of the Internet access service itself. Installation of the device at a certain height above ground can reduce the adverse influence of some terrain obstacles, e.g. high neighboring buildings, elevated areas surrounding a given location. Thanks to this one can enjoy LTE Internet access at the potentially highest parameters that are available in a given location. The ODU/IDU devices can be installed independently or integrated with the existing satellite or terrestrial TV antenna installation, which can reduce the amount of cabling in a house. The signal is fed from the ODU-300 modem to the IDU-300 Wi-Fi router installed indoors via a concentric cable. The router in turn distributes the signal to all the rooms, thus ensuring wireless Internet access.

Thanks to the ODU/IDU 300 Home Internet Set Plus and Cyfrowy Polsat customers can have access to the Internet over an area which is even up to three times bigger than the regular base station coverage area in a given location, and hence they can enjoy higher signal power, leading to more convenient and comfortable use of the services available over the Internet. 

Last updated 01/22/2018