SmartDOM Home Savings Program for everyone and with every subscription

09 Feb 2018

A new smartDOM Program, which will be offered from 14 February 2018, is even simpler. From now on it will be available to every customer and with every subscription. A set of three basic services – television, phone and Internet – is available for as little as PLN 60 per month. By selecting all 9 services and products which are part of the smartDOM Program, one can save even up to PLN 1400 per year.

smartDOM is even simpler now

Joining of the smartDOM Home Savings Program is a perfect proposal for those who care about their home budget, look for beneficial solutions and do not like to overpay for services they use daily. Cyfrowy Polsat and Plus introduce new, even simpler rules of the Program which is currently used by nearly 1.5m Polish families:

  • There is no admission threshold in the Program now, every customer may join the smartDOM, irrespective of the value of selected monthly access fee.
  • New services with discounts can be added at any moment.
  • For every subsequent service from the offer of television (including digital terrestrial television DVB-T), mobile phone, fixed-line phone or Internet the customer will pay PLN 10 less per month.
  • Two new services are available in the Program: a digital terrestrial television including 12 scrambled TV channels and 11 radio channels and a fixed-line telephony.

A set of basic services in the new smartDOM Program: television including 86 channels, Internet with a basic package of 30 GB and a mobile phone subscription with unlimited calls, SMSs and MMSs to all networks and 2 GB data pack for the phone is available for as little as PLN 60 per month.

The more services and products, the more savings!

One of the main, constant rules of the smartDOM Home Savings Program is a simple relation – the more products and services owned by the customer, the more savings which can be obtained thanks to the granted discounts. A very rich offer is flexible, and subsequent products and services can be added on as-needed basis. Attractive sets are available for as little as PLN 40 per month.


smartDOM Program offers 9 products and services: satellite TV (now including digital terrestrial television), mobile telephony (now including fixed-line telephony), Internet LTE Plus Advanced, banking services, electricity, gas, insurance services (ERGO Hestia), home appliances and monitoring of premises. This is a full range of offers which help customers in cost-effective building of a comfortable, modern and safe home. Purchase of all available services allows for saving even up to PLN 1400 per year.

A new smartDOM is available to new customers and customers extending their contracts. Customers who wish to remain with the to-date rules of the smartDOM Program do not need to perform any actions.

Effective 14 February 2018, also the rules of the smartFIRMA Program are changed. This Program will operate based on the similar rules as  the new smartDOM Program.


Last updated 02/13/2018