Plus extends 5G coverage. Over 7 million of Poles within the 5G network coverage

05 Jan 2021

Plus extends 5G coverage 

The fastest 5G technology from Plus already available on more than 1000 base stations 

Over 7 million of Poles within the 5G network coverage

At the beginning of 2021 there are over 1000 Plus base stations in 5G technology and over 7 million people within the network coverage across Poland. Thanks to adding subsequent transceivers, it is possible to use the fastest 5G network in all 16 provinces of Poland. According to the operator’s plans, in 2021 the state-of-the-art 5G network in 2600 MHz TDD technology from Plus shall cover over 11 million  of Poland’s inhabitants.


“The total of over 1000 base stations supporting 5G is our small New Year’s gift to the inhabitants of Poland. Last year, 5G network was a technological novelty. In 2021, along with the dynamic development of 5G in Plus, this modern technology will become a universally available standard. Already now over 7 million people in Poland is within the coverage of Plus 5G network and may use the state-of-the-art and fastest mobile Internet access”, says Jacek Felczykowski, Member of the Management Board of Cyfrowy Polsat and Polkomtel, the operator of Plus network.

The current 5G network coverage in Plus can be checked at:

Equipment portfolio – first 5G smartphone in Poland at the price below PLN 1000

Plus offer includes over 20 smartphones and routers supporting 5G, including the cheapest 5G smartphone on the market - realme 7 5G. Thanks to a great selection of equipment in different price ranges, 5G may become the technology for anyone, universally available for daily use. At the end of 2020,  the first 5G smartphone costing less than PLN 1000 was added to Plus offer on an exclusivity basis – realme 7 5G.

Planned 5G network roll-out in Plus – 11 million people and over 150 cities within 5G 2600 MHz TDD network coverage in 2021

In 2021, Plus plans to offer 5G on over 1700 base stations, in all current and former provincial capitals and several other towns.

This means that as many as 11 million people will be able to use the fastest 5G 2600 MHz TDD network in Poland.

5G in Plus is deployed on the state-of-the-art infrastructure delivered by Nokia and Ericsson.

Plus 5G – new quality of the Mobile Internet

The previous year clearly shown the importance of stable and fast Internet access. Growing data transfer, resulting from relocating many activities to the virtual space, has emphasized even more the importance of the development of the latest generation network for our economy and society. Plus is the only operator on the Polish market to dedicate a separate 2600 MHz band in TDD technology to 5G network, thus increasing the network capacity.

Along with the 5G network development, the currently used 2600 MHz band will ensure better coverage and higher network capacity than in the case of frequency bands within 3400-3800 MHz range and will enable us to maintain the advantage at subsequent stages of 5G network roll-out related to a possibility of combining different frequency bands.

Last updated 01/05/2021