Interia with over 20 million users in January 2021

05 Feb 2021

As has been indicated by a Mediapanel survey, Polsat-Interia Group’s web services were accessed by 20.1 million real users in January 2021. The gaps to RASP Group and to Wirtualna Polska are now a mere 1.49 million and 1.64 million real users, respectively.

Only seven Internet players in Poland can boast of real user figures exceeding 20 million monthly. These are: Google, YouTube, RASP, Wirtualna Polska, Facebook, Allegro and, from this January, also Interia.


 Source: own analyses based on Mediapanel

The number of Interia’s real users has been growing each month. In Q4 2020 the average monthly number of real users was 19.7 million (1 million more than in Q3 2020), and it exceeded the 20 million mark in January 2021.

The result has been achieved thanks to the synergies coming from Interia being a member of Polsat Group as well as from the numerous actions that the portal has embarked on, including increase of the number of staff members in Sports, News and Pomponik editorial offices, launching of new, quality projects, including Zielona Interia (Green Interia) ecological project or Weekendowy Magazyn Tygodnik (the Weekend Weekly Magazine). All this changes have been supported by the biggest, in the portal’s history, advertising campaign conducted under the slogan “Portal, który towarzyszy mi każdego dnia” (“The portal that keeps me company every day”).

“The results of the survey are not a surprise to us but rather the expected consequence of the ownership changes and the right business decisions as well as the hard work and perseverance. We have been involved in shaping the Internet for more than two decades now, so we know what Polish Internet users expect from us and how to deliver it to them. Being a member of Polsat Group offers us an opportunity for tapping on this potential in even a better way,” says Artur Potocki, the CEO of Group.

 According to a Mediapanel survey from January 2021, the web pages and the applications of the entire Polsat Interia Group attracted 20.1 million real users who generated 17.1 billion page views.

Interia Group is a leading player on the Polish next generation media market. Every month nearly 20 million people use access to the latest news, interesting facts and entertainment as well as to the best way of communicating with the world. INTERIA portal offers access to a rich choice of top quality information, multimedia, social and communication services. Interia Group also includes theme services which attract users with diverse interests and needs. Since July 2020 Interia Group has been a member of Polsat Group, the biggest media-and-telecommunications group in Poland.


Last updated 02/05/2021