Nearly 20 million Polish residents in range of Plus' super-fast fixed-line internet

03 Jun 2024

Plus is expanding the availability of fixed-line Internet with the infrastructure provided by the Vectra Group. As a result, residents of nearly 1.5 million homes and apartments in 350 towns and cities have gained access to Plus' offer. Promotional offers have been prepared for customers expecting reliable home Internet - super-fast fixed-line Internet in a package with the best content - Polsat Box TV, Disney+, HBO MAX and Polsat Box Go Plus.

Plus fixed-line Internet increases coverage

Currently, more than 8.7 million homes and apartments, or nearly 20 million Polish residents, of which more than 14 million have access to fiber-optic connections, are already within the reach of Plus' fixed-line Internet.

As a result of the addition of the Vectra Group, Plus' fixed-line infrastructure has been expanded or launched in 350 smaller and larger towns in all provinces. New locations have appeared in Warsaw, Gdansk, Olsztyn, Bydgoszcz, as well as Radom and Gorzow Wielkopolski, among others. Plus' fixed-line Internet coverage has thus expanded by nearly 1.5 million homes and apartments, or 3.4 million people.

Thus, residents will be able to enjoy high-speed Internet that guarantees hassle-free working and studying remotely, fast downloading of files, watching movies and TV series without stuttering, smooth online gaming and simultaneous connection of multiple home devices to the network.

Combining services, or customized offers

Thanks to the expansion of coverage, even more users are gaining the ability to combine services from Plus and Polsat Box in a tailor-made configuration. For customers interested in the best entertainment and sports, and those who want the full offer - a landline Internet from Plus together with TV from Polsat Box and the All In Streaming service, giving access to Disney+, HBO MAX and Polsat Box Go Plus, will work perfectly. For customers who value reliable information, entertainment and sports - fixed Internet from Plus together with TV from Polsat Box. For fans of TV series and movies, on the other hand - Plus Fixed Internet with streaming package.

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Last updated 06/03/2024