Cyfrowy Polsat returns to the top three for ‘Listed Company of the Year’

13 Mar 2013

As it did last year too, Cyfrowy Polsat outperformed several hundred companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange to take second place in the Puls Biznesu daily’s ‘Listed Company of the Year’ p y p y ranking, surpassed only by LPP S.A. of Gdańsk. This is the fourth time that Cyfrowy Polsat has taken the podium in this prestigious event.

Puls Biznesu quoted the analysts who emphasised that Cyfrowy Polsat is "…a stable, predictable Company that is able to rightly predict the course of changing market trends".

In publishing the ranking, its authors noted that Cyfrowy Polsat was being highly acclaimed for ‘Management Board Competence’ and ‘Quality Investor Relations’ categories, for which it took third place in both. “Factors such as its stable business environment, sound economic foundations and a successful Management Board that makes transparent decisions have all an influence on the price of the company’s shares,” said the daily.

Last updated 10/04/2014